Bwoglines: We Live In A Black Mirror Episode Edition

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What’s Happening In The World: In absolutely terrifying medical news, a man in India died after being sucked into an MRI machine then inhaling lethal liquid oxygen from a cylinder he was carrying. The worst part? The man, Rajesh Maru, wasn’t even having an MRI when it happened. The magnetic forces pulled him in while he was in the room. (Fox)

Why does this keep happening?

What’s Happening In The US: Those of you who are paranoid about technology and tracking are now justified. It was discovered that the popular fitness app Strava’s “heat map”, which posts the locations of its active users, may reveal the location of U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more dangerously, the routes between them. (Washington Post)

What’s Happening In NYC: Faced with massive transportation costs of over $300 million a year, the city is considering charging its residents for garbage pickup. Supporters say the plan would also encourage recycling and benefit the environment, but its detractors say that New Yorkers pay enough taxes as it is. (CBS Local)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Tonight from 6-7 in Low Library, Room 207, the Earth Institute is hosting an event entitled “Sustainability Measurement in China: Fostering a Race to the Top”. With China’s fast growing economy, sustainability is now becoming a greater concern. According to the description, “panelists will discuss how such systems can complement policymaking in China’s local administrative system, the balance between the state and the private sector as well as sustainable development in China more broadly.”

Overseen: A pair of underwear hanging out in the Barnard Quad. I really hope the free laundry at Columbia is the reason for this.

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