The Definitive Statistical Analysis Of Columbia Buy/Sell Memes

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PrezBo never knew what hit him.

Deputy Editor and frequent FiveThirtyEight reader Zack Abrams has created a site so HTML-heavy that he had to throw the whole Bwog away and host it somewhere else. Go here for the full experience or scroll down for an overview of the site. Note: use Google Chrome to see the preview, but the site itself works on any browser.

Last week, I went through 100 posts on everyone’s favorite meme group, Columbia Buy/Sell Memes, and collected data on the original poster, time, topic, reactions, and a few other categories. Using that data, all of it from December or this January, I threw together some graphs and pretty much learned HTML and JavaScript, all for the sake of the memes. Fun bonus fact: though Rafael Ortiz posted 11 times out of the 100, he only got the third highest reactions-per-meme among repeat posters. If you liked that fact, you’ll love the whole site. Check it out here or scroll down for an embedded preview.

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  1. a  

    this is amazing, but maybe data collected over the break isn't representative of normal usage?

  2. Anonymous

    Conservative alums will buy up all COlumbia debt and squueze the professulas

  3. WeStanAStatistician  

    Zack is the true stable genius

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