Bwoglines: Fast Food Musical Edition

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Your daily reminder that Chile and chili are pronounced differently.

Happening in the World: Chile has created a national park network that will add 10 million acres of land including, in part, land donated by a US couple, in what President Michelle Bachelet called an “unprecedented preservation effort.” This will create 5 parks and expand three others, part of an ongoing trend of natural protection by the outgoing president. (BBC)

Happening in the US: 6,900 hundred Syrians have won permission to live and work in the US for at least another 18 months due to the civil war still wracking their country. This comes after the Trump administrations has ended this same Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans, Haitians and Nicaraguans, many of whom have lived in this country for years. Without this status, they would be at risk for deportation. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Fast food company Carl’s Jr. opened it’s first NYC location yesterday and they let us know in a very big, very New York way: putting on an off-Broadway musical. It opened on Tuesday and is about the Happy Star mascot as a struggling actor who finds his true passion in the kitchen. So, next time you lose the Hamilton lottery, you’ve got something better to see! (NBC New York).

Happening on Campus: Glass House Rocks 2018 starts today at 8 pm in Lerner. The theme is The Great Glassby (because who can resist that pun) and there will be a limited number of free shirts, free food, a performances by student groups. Just make sure you have your CUID!

Overheard: “That’s my hot take on Poptropica.”

Word(s) of the Day: German words with fun literal translations: Handschue, glove, literally translates to “hand shoes”; Glühbirne, lightbulb, literally translates to “glow pear”; and Schildkröte, turtle, which literally translates to “shield toad”

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  1. Ufon Umanah  

    Correction: Glass House Rocks is today.

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