Dining Halls Should Serve Cereal At Every Meal

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Alma Bwogger Rachel Deal sends an unsuccessful plea to JJs and the other Columbia dining halls to keep her ultimate drunk food, cereal, in stock at all times. In short: Get on Hewitt’s level. 

Cereal is one of my favorite foods, and I could eat it for every meal, probably. Need some breakfast? Cereal. Want something to supplement your Ferris salad? Cereal. Want a healthier dessert option? Cereal. Hungry before bed? Cereal.

Despite cereal’s obvious versatility, though, the only dining hall that keeps the cereal out for every meal is Hewitt (which is necessary because Hewitt’s options are often lackluster). Beyond this, too, JJ’s doesn’t have cereal at all, which seems like a missed opportunity considering all I ever really want to eat at 2 AM is Cheerios.

I once Facebook messaged Columbia Dining about this late at night, but I only got an automated response and it was 1:21 AM and I forgot to follow up. I’m pretty sure a guy in my year messaged back and forth with Dining about getting a ping pong table in JJ’s, though, so I don’t know why I was hit with the auto-reply?

Ugh grab & go is not good enough!!

Anyway, I’m not really sure what the argument against having cereal for every meal is–a lack of space? The counters where the cereal usually is in Ferris and John Jay are empty without the dispensers at dinner, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue of making enough room. Nutrition? I would rather have cereal for dessert than the frosted monstrosities the dining halls put out.

You may be thinking, why can’t I just buy a box of cereal and some milk? Because having cereal at my fingertips at all times would be dangerous–I would go through a box in, like, a day. Anyway, as a senior, I’m somehow still on the meal plan, and I want it to include more cereal. @Dining, please consider this my email. Thank you.

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  1. Sarah Dahl  

    My favorite is lucky charms! I also like cinammon toast crunch

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