Bwoglines: A Not So Happy Monday Edition

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They’re really pressed over Bwog’s reviews and commentary!

Happening Around The World: Saratov Airlines flight 703 crashed after takeoff during a routine flight from Moscow to Orsk, killing everyone (71 individuals) on board. Investigators are looking into the potential cause for the crash of the commercial plane, which is proving to be difficult due to the widespread range of debris fall. (Russia Today)

Happening In The US: Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general for the State of New York filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein and his brother as a result of the “human right violations” the corporation has performed against women and other individuals. Weinstein has come under spotlight over the past few months after numerous women have accused him of sexual assault, triggering a negative outcry against him. Trying to keep his corporation alive during these times, Weinstein attempted to commit a sale worth millions that would help, but this court case will delay these attempts. (NY Times)

Happening In The City: A fourth child has unfortunately passed away from the flu last night. The 5-year old girl, hailing from Brownsville, Brooklyn, was diagnosed with the flu Friday night, with her symptoms worsening until her passing. This comes during a bad flu season, with over 60 kids having died compared to around 20 this same time last year. (CBS)

Happening On Campus: Today continues Columbia’s Community Service coat drive, which lasts until April 30th! If you have a used coat that you’re not wearing anymore or want to donate one of your extras, show up to 304 Earl Hall today to drop it off and help a local family in need! More information regarding the drive can be found here.

Overseen On Campus: Harvard’s Jester gets mad at Bwog for dragging their service DataMatch (see photo above).

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  1. Get Off My Lawn  

    But what's happened to Bwog? When I was here as an undergrad, it was a source of campus and local news, humor, and—at the very least—a reliable resource for free food notices. Now it' like a Bwog staff group message made public.

  2. buzzfeed sucks  

    why u want to make ur site like thirs?

  3. Sutter n rockaway  

    *brownsville ya fools

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