Best Places On Campus To Ugly Cry In Peace

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me every weekend this semester so far

It’s been a stressful semester for all of us and sometimes, the best way to let of some steam is to just grossly sob for an hour. But it can get a little weird if your roommate walks into you crying into your pillow. To spare both of you the pain, we’ve compiled a list of the best places on campus to just let it all out. If you think we missed any, let us know in the comments!

  • The shower: The #1 place; almost like you aren’t crying at all
  • The gender inclusive bathroom on the first and third floor of Barnard hall: It looks like a utility closet; essentially the Room of Requirement for crying.
  • Mudd bathrooms on higher floors: these tend to be empty and perfect for some privacy
  • Some other good bathrooms: The Diana 3 bathroom late at night
    and the Kent 5 bathroom (above the East Asian Library), McBain bathrooms
  • Honestly any single-stall bathroom: Find them in Milbank, Barnard Hall, Hartley etc.
  • But Ref at 11pm: just make sure no one tries to fight you for your gross sobbing
  • Butler stairwell at night: you’re already here and this way, you’ll be less likely to be murdered by a stressed SEAS student
  • 1st floor of the stacks: it’s dark and cramped, but no one is going to look for you here

  • JJs at like 8am: afterward, you can use a breakfast swipe and kill two birds with one stone
  • Practice rooms in Sulz basement: comfy, soundproof, almost always available. (you have to get a card per semester though – if Res Life’s open you can just walk in and ask for one)
  • Diana 6: often deserted, the perfect place to get a little privacy
  • Squash courts: they have little doors and soundproofing!!
  • Sundial at noon:  it’s peak drama, but you can get it all out in front of everyone
  • The Carman basement gym: no one uses it and you can cry and jog at the same time
  • 2nd floor of Schermerhorn: usually empty, good vending machines, and the only people you could run into are psych majors
  • Beta House chapter room during a party: everyone is too drunk to care if they find you
  • The security line at Newark liberty international airport: It’s not as far as you think and you’ll never be alone
  • Morton Williams at 4:00 AM next to the wall of cereals: essentially a liminal space where nothing matters, especially not your tears
  • The steps of Earl Hall late at night
  • Streng dance studio
  • The 110 laundry room, after the elevators stop going there: sometimes 11pm, sometimes later, it depends on the day. Plus, you can do all the laundry you’ve been putting off for weeks
  • Westside at 1am on a Wednesday: seems overly specific, but you can’t knock it until you try it
  • 125th and Broadway: no one here knows you, because most Columbia students will never willingly walk this far from campus and you’ll also get some fresh air while we’re at it

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