Bwoglines: Don’t Let Low-Income New Yorkers Freeze To Death Edition

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NYCHA Housing. Not pictured: gross negligence of the working-class population that is vital to this city’s existence.

Happening in the World: An explosion near the Israeli-Gaza border yesterday injured four Israeli soldiers, two seriously, in what the media are calling the worst incident on the border in four years. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who already this week has weathered a statement saying he could potentially be indicted on charges of bribery and fraud, said that the incident was “very serious” and that the Israeli army “will respond appropriately.” Strikes on six Hamas targets in the region were carried out in response. (BBC)

Happening in the US: A professor at the University of Chicago’s Business School has invited Steve Bannon to a debate on globalization and immigration. The invitation has been highly polarizing at the university, which has positioned itself as a bastion of totally free speech (e.g., a 2016 letter from the Dean of Students criticizing and disavowing the use of trigger warnings). 100 faculty members signed a letter criticizing the invitation and 1,000 alumni signed a letter asking for it to be rescinded, but there are no current plans to do so. (The Economist)

Happening in the city: More Mayor de Blasio / Governor Cuomo fighting and posturing, this time over how to solve the life-threatening issue of failing boilers in the New York City Housing Authority, which left thousands of low-income residents without heat and hot water this winter. De Blasio harshly criticized Cuomo’s inaction and lack of financial support for NYCHA, adding onto the list of things he claims Cuomo is neglecting in the city (notably fixing the subway system and closing the Rikers Island jail). Political sparring aside, I think Afua Atta-Mensah, executive director of a community advocacy group, put the issue best: “…the vast majority of people in public housing work. They are city employees who pay rent and want basic things like heat, hot water and ceilings that don’t fall in on them.” Amen. (New York Times; soft paywall)

Happening on campus: CMTS’ 24-hour musical is today! From 6 to 9 pm, the Lerner Black Box will host this crazy endeavor, wherein a show is put together in (you guessed it) just one day. Tickets are free and can be found here.

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Housing via Wikimedia Commons.

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