Open Meeting Announcement: This One’s For The Cool Kids

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This is where all the hippest kids get their big breaks, right?

Bwog came into some money recently, so we paid an up-and-coming rapper to write us a banger of an open meeting announcement. Lil’ WordPress, with over 84 followers on Soundcloud, just might be the next big thing. The results of a well-spent $43.90 are below.

Lil’ WordPress, “Open Meeting”

Yo, people of Columbia, I’m here to say
If you’re looking for a chill way to end your Sunday
And you’re just getting out of that hangover fog—
Then come to tonight’s open meeting of Bwog

We got snacks galore—including green grapes
And reporting more notorious than Trump’s pee tapes;
If that sounds like a kinda good time to you then
Climb up the glass ramps to Lerner 510

We start the meeting at 9 o’clock
Just come right in, you don’t have to knock—
All we ask is that you just prepare
A pitch or maybe two that you’d like to share

Now you’ve heard enough of our side of things;
Let’s meet up tonight, we’ll see what it brings,
You’ll soon commit to Bwog because we ain’t no fling,
We don’t wanna cause a fight but we’re the publication king—

So up those damn ramps haul ass and jog
To a squad that’s more dependable than any dog
It shouldn’t be the sort of evening that you’d call a slog,
No, nothing but good vibes at the meeting of Bwog.

Soundcloud Logo via Wikimedia Commons.

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