Field Notes: Love Is For The Weak Edition

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Let’s talk about love!

I don’t know why, but this weekend was a love-filled drama for Bwog Staffers. Maybe it stemmed from the post-Valentine’s Day hype/blues, but nonetheless, Bwog Staffers experienced love, along with other things, in its totality. Anyways, here is a collection of this weekend’s stories, which you can be apart of as well! Send your own stories and weekend adventures to tips@bwog.com and we will add it to this list or put it on next week’s post!

Bwog in the City:

  • Went to Brooklyn to play Catan and eat vegetarian tacos.
  • Went upstate to hang out with my best friends. Played hide and go seek for an hour in her dorm.
  • Had enjoyable and childish fun that made this weekend feel like a dream! Was snapped back into reality when a random guy with a long red beard got a little too close to me on the bus.
  • Interpreted a stranger’s dream at Hungarian.
  • Met up with a friend from high school in Chicago, smoked in Grant Park, and laughed at the bean statue thing for forty minutes.
  • Went to Boston to visit my best friend!!!!
  • Ate two whole edibles at a concert. Felt like the entire world was inside out.
  • Went to three different graveyards.
  • Went to Chinatown to celebrate Lunar New Year with friends over Chinese food and bubble tea.
  • Ubered from 113th to 116th to avoid walking in the snow.
  • Saw Rico Nasty perform.
  • Went to a gay bar for the first time!
  • Went to Lush <3

Bwog on Campus:

  • Wrote a 10 page paper in a weekend.
  • Did homework over Skype with a boy for over 5 hours and was actually productive.
  • Studied hours upon end for a map quiz only to find out that none of the questions were actually based on locating things.
  • Paid off my work study balance!
  • Was accepted to the LLC so I pretty much have a guaranteed single next year!
  • Slept through a class where I was one of twenty students…yikes.
  • Watched an Amazon prime movie about a Columbia grad “adrift in New York” who fucks his dad’s mistress. It’s called “The Only Living Boy in New York” and I don’t recommend unless you have 90 minutes to waste gagging/laughing.
  • Wore heels for over 12 hours.
  • Walked back to my dorm barefoot but insisted on putting on my heels so the security guards wouldn’t know I was drunk.
  • Went to 4 basketball games in two days and then played in the 24 Hour Musical.
  • Nearly lost my wallet (with the last Bwog amex inside!!) on Friday night – luckily found it a few minutes later, by the Hamilton statue. (The treasury secretary watching over my/Bwog’s money seems kinda poetic.)
  • Was pelted by snow on the walk from my dorm room to a pregame. Showed up to said pregame with makeup running down my face.
  • Was 2 seconds away from taking some rich international student’s Canada Goose after a party, when I couldn’t find my own jacket and refused to walk home in the cold.
  • Wore light up sneakers to my first sorority semi formal.
  • Stayed in bed all Saturday watching Friends and baking.
  • Went to 3 parties in 1 night, including one Carman party to which we arrived after it was over.

Bwog and Love:

  • Realized this Ph.D. candidate I hooked up with last year didn’t get his Ph.D. yet, and hooked up with him.
  • Got dumped, but also got out of a toxic relationship.
  • Woke up to a text from a guy telling me I’d left my underwear in his room.
  • Ditched a guy mid hookup to go hang out with his RA instead.
  • Tried to repress my romantic feelings for my best friend (who is dating someone). Failed to keep my distance and get over him.
  • Went on a date with an insanely smart and attractive first year at Columbia law, he made us boozy Oreo milkshakes – I spent the night and scored a date for next weekend.
  • Fell in love on a boat.
  • Discovered my crush is 100% unrequited.
  • Texted a 24 year old lawyer I ghosted in November and he was actually really happy to hear from me and I’m seeing him either Tuesday or Saturday depending on how his work is this week.
  • Left my date to watch Black Panther with a friend.
  • This person i’ve been into for a minute told me to hit them up.
  • Went on two dates with two different girls in the space of 24 hours! And I think I’m going out with both of them again?  Help?
  • Got serenaded by my friends with the sweet sweet sound of anime theme music.
  • Failed to recognize a guy I had stopped texting at a party. When he hugged me I asked him tipsily, “Wait, do I know you?”
  • Made my date wait about 3 hrs bc my nanny mom was getting her hair dyed. But he paid for my boozy ice cream so all good.
  • Netflix and chilled to Gossip Girl; he quoted along.

Bwog and Drinks:

  • Got very, very wine drunk on Thursday night and got caught by the RA for drinking in my room.
  • Went to the Rare Candy show, was very drunk while collecting donations at the door, and fell on the ground in the mosh pit.
  • Got kicked out of my first gay bar.
  • Drunk texted basically everyone I know.
  • Stayed sober the entire weekend.
  • Between the dates and a friend’s open bar, didn’t pay for any drinks the whole weekend.

Bwog and Food:

  • Tried deep-dish pizza for the first time; cried.
  • Threw up candy hearts (I could see the distinct different colors in my vomit).
  • Had Famiglia for the first time after sleeping for 16 hours and it was the highlight of my weekend.
  • Had a hot pot date in Chinatown & had the cars to and from paid for.

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