Subway Statuses Around MoHi This Week

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A running train, a rarity

The MTA is objectively the worst thing in the world, so we went through their awful website for planned service changes for this week so you don’t have to.

Here are the planned subway service changes for trains near Morningside Heights for this week (weekdays only). Use this as a reference as you travel this week. This information is from MTA’s website, so it may not be reliable, but at least it’s easier to read than their godforsaken website.

1: Basically, from 11 pm to 5 am during the week (Monday-Friday) this week and next week, the 1 train will run in two sections: south of 96th, and north of 137th. There will be no 1 trains between 96th and 137th, and the 1 will switch to the 3 after 96th. Free shuttles will provide alternate service. Uptown trains will skip 79th and 86th streets.

2: Downtown trains will run local until Times Square after 10 pm from Monday to Thursday until March 15th.

3: Downtown trains will run local from 96th to Times Square between 10 pm and 11:45 pm and there are no trains from 11:45 pm to 5 am during the week (Monday-Friday) this week and next week. 1 and 2 trains will make all 3 train stops between Times Square and 135th.

A: No planned service changes near MoHi this week.

B: There will be no trains after 9 pm this Monday through Thursday (February 26th-March 1st).

C: No planned service changes near MoHi this week.

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