ESC Has A New President, Also Updates

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Ben Barton is now President! And Richa Gode, former 2019 Class President, was unanimously voted as interim VP of Student Life. Other than these organization shakeups, the rest of the meeting was pretty tame (read on below). Oh and the SEAS newsletter is back.


ESC has decided to change up the format of alumni coffee chats by having 3 alumni come in for 2 hours and splitting their time into 20 minute blocks so that students have better face time with them. The upcoming coffee chat is for ChemE majors. If you haven’t received an FB invite yet, do not fear, ESC is co-sponsoring a Free Food Expo in Furnald at 12 PM on Friday. Don’t go for Tom’s, but maybe stay for the other diverse options. Lerner Ramps are going under renovation and are currently scheduled for the end of April. Student groups will not lose their access to space, but will be moved to the old computer room a floor up instead. The timeline for the renovation may change, so they may be renovated at the end of May and student groups will not have to be relocated. There is also some changes coming to the Securities and Facilities Fund that will be finalized and discussed by ESC and CCSC later.

VP Policy

Zoha Qamar brought up some important points regarding the lack of 24/7 healthcare on campus. Currently, the policy committee is pushing for longer hours (did we have any to begin with?) on the weekends and mental health counsel in the night and on weekends. Columbia of course, is quite resistant to these ideas due to concerns of cost (where does our endowment go?) but is looking into how other schools have implemented similar policies. After last week’s impeachment and some lingering questions about the stability of the ESC constitution, the policy committee is moving towards accepting constitutional amendments. They will be due by Thursday at noon and the board will vote on them next week.

VP Student Life

Richa mentioned that there is an annual CU Live talent show. They are currently looking for more diversity and SEAS specific talent. Columbia is also bringing back the silent disco from last year! Comment below if you think this is a great idea. Also, student life is having a series themed “Awakening our Democracy” which will tackle pertinent issues such as the #MeToo movement and race and whiteness. They are looking for more people to attend!

VP Finance

ESC’s CIF (Capital Investment Fund) is currently running out of money at a faster rate than SGB, GSSC, and CCSC. I’m not sure if it’s just CIF or JCCC funding as well but the other councils will be pitching in any remaining money they have to offset the costs. There is only money left for a few more clubs so apply until then!

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