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Happening in the World: The French Polynesian government has declared its plan with Blue Frontiers to build a floating island off the coast of Tahiti void. While officials maintain the document never had legal standing, local opposition to the project began when Blue Frontiers began to settle on Antimaono Lagoon. (Pacific News Minute)

Happening in the US: Hawai’i is taking steps to prevent hazardous beach gatherings. Lawmakers are proposing a bill which would prohibit alcohol consumption within a thousand yards of any beach. The bill is in response to last year’s Floatilla in which Ocean Safety crews brought ten people to the hospital. (Hawai’i News Now)

Happening in NYC: A storm, called the nor’easter, is expected to hit the East Coast today, complete with rain, winds, and approximately ten inches of snow. Power surges and flooding are expected to occur, officials warn. The storm may last all weekend, so stay safe everyone! (NY Times)

Happening on Campus: The “Turkey and Thailand: Unlikely Twins Revisited” event will be held in International Affairs 918 at 12 pm today, analyzing the complex histories of both nations but especially focusing on their respective coups. More information available here.

Overheard: “You don’t have to drink Vitamin Water – I have real water.” “This is water of color though.”

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