Subway Statuses Around MoHi This Weekend

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I know it’s definitely not my train!

One of the most confounding things about this accursed city is “The Weekender,” which is MTA speak for “it’s the weekend so obviously no one is trying to get anywhere so the subways will be fucked and there is nothing anyone can do about it!”

We looked through the MTA’s godforsaken website so you don’t have to; here are the status updates for trains around MoHi this weekend. Use this as a reference as you attempt to get places on the subway this weekend. Because it’s information from their website, this may or may not be reliable.

1: There is apparently no scheduled work on the 1. Notably, it looks like it’s going to be running to/from 116th instead of not going north of 96th.

2: As has been the case for the last few years (?), the downtown 2 will be running local between 96th and Times Square. No use transferring from the 1 when you’re heading downtown.

3: Same as the 2, the downtown 3 will be running local between 96th and Times Square.

A: The downtown (Ozone Park/Far Rockaway-bound) A will skip every stop from 116th to 72nd during Late Night (which is defined as midnight to 6 am) from 10 pm Friday to 5 am Monday (normally, the A runs local at night).

B: Service will end early at 9 pm on Friday.

C: On Friday evening (9:45 pm – 10:30 pm), Saturday, and Sunday, the downtown (Euclid Ave-bound) C will be skipping every stop from 116th to 72nd.

D: The uptown (Norwood-bound) D will run local via the C from W 4th to 145th, which means it won’t do that sweet jump from Columbus Circle to 125th, but it will stop at 116th, 110th, 103rd, etc. on Manhattan Ave.

If you have any requests for additional subway lines you would like us to cover in the future, let us know!

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