Bwoglines: Weed Flag Edition

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Because this is exactly what we need more of.

What’s Happening In The World: 

Hopefully some news that will high-ten your spirits – A district in Estonia, recently having undergone a government shake-up, has voted to make the cannabis leaf their new flag. Even though marijuana is illegal in Estonia, the mayor is on board with it. (BBC)

Happening In the US: On Monday, the Florida State Senate narrowly passed a gun control measure in a 20-18 vote. The bill proposes raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm as well as instituting a three-day waiting period for most weapons. Now it’s up to the House of Representatives and Governor Rick Scott to agree, and, well, let’s try not to be too optimistic about that. (BBC)

What’s Happening In NYC: It’s going to snow! Again! The city can expect 6-10 inches on Wednesday from a nor’easter that’s hitting the, um, Northeast. There’s only two weeks left of winter, but like midterms, they have to drag it out as long as possible. (amNY)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Tonight from 6 – 7:30 pm in the Diana Oval, “1968 and Its Afterlives: Reflecting on Campus Activism Past, Present, and Future”.  Given how the administration handled student protests against CUCR’s speakers last fall and against Barnard’s own president this spring, this could be interesting.

Bop Of The Day: Ansel Elgort’s permanent smirk annoys me as much as the next person, but his song is a banger, so here you go.

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