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This picture really spoke to me – that’s why I decided to major in Archaeology.

If you’re a second-semester sophomore in CC, March 6-March 9 is major declaration season! That’s right, it’s finally time to choose between Option 1 (Econ) and Option 2 (Comparative Lit in Gaelic & Tibetan) – you know which one your family wants you to do, but the stock exchange is looking so ripe this year…

For most majors, you can use the online declaration system. However, if you’re declaring in one of the following majors, you need to get written departmental approval by taking this form to the appropriate department. You will need to get your advising dean’s signature and bring the completed form to the Berick Center for Student Advising in 403 Lerner.

These departments require additional approval:

  • Archaeology (965 Schermerhorn Extension)
  • Architecture (500 Diana)
  • Art History and Visual Arts (joint major; permission required from Visual Arts: 310 Dodge)
  • Astronomy (1328 Pupin)
  • Astrophysics (1328 Pupin or 704 Pupin)
  • Biochemistry (211A Havemeyer or 1208 Northwest Corner)
  • Comparative Literature & Society (Heyman Center, B-101)
  • Creative Writing (609 Kent)
  • Drama and Theatre Arts (507 Milbank Hall)
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences (556-557 Schermerhorn Extension)
  • East Asian Languages & Cultures (meet with Prof. Anderer,
  • Film Studies (513 Dodge)
  • Hispanic Studies (Casa Hispánica)
  • Italian (502 Hamilton)
  • Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies (513 Knox)
  • Physics (704 Pupin)
  • Portuguese Studies (Casa Hispánica)
  • Sustainable Development (Hogan Hall Suite A110)
  • Urban Studies (meet with Prof. Yatrakis,
  • Visual Arts (310 Dodge)

For more information, see this page.

If you’re a Barnard sophomore, the deadline for declaring was March 1. I just declared today, so don’t worry too much – just get your form in before spring break. The Barnard form requires both departmental approval and your first/sophomore year advisor’s signature. Check this list for procedures by department.

Happy declaring!!

Me in 5 years via Flickr

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