Bwog Loves All The People Who Keep Campus Running

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We also love Dining, Public Safety, Housing, etc. Safe to assume we love everyone.

With midterms upon us and all our professors trying to kill us, one essay question at a time, Bwog decided to take a moment to reflect on our love for all the other people on campus (facilities, dining, public safety, and every other staff member) who work every day to make sure everything is operating and going above and beyond to make our lives better. If you have any stories, share them in the comments!

  • I was having a really bad weekend a few days ago and I lost my ID. I went to the Hartley Hospitality Desk to see if someone had turned it in. No one had and the woman at the desk said she would email if anyone had. About an hour later, I received that email and when I went down, I found out that the public safety officer at Hartley had gone to Butler shortly after I stopped at the desk and recognized me when someone turned in my ID that I dropped outside. He called the woman at Hartley Hospitality and she walked over to Butler to get it because she knew I lived in the building.
  • The facilities PR guy is super responsive and always provides info to us
  • One time I was coughing uncontrollably for like 5 minutes in the bathroom outside Ferris. I came out and one of the Ferris workers was there washing her hands and she told me like a home remedy tea to try.
  • Another time I was sneezing uncontrollably in Diana due to allergies, and this worker commiserated with me and recommended a new allergy pill to try.
  • Daron works the pasta station in Hewitt and is truly The King of Pasta. He’s always laughing and making conversation with people. He really cares about his job and genuinely cares about the food he serves to students. Once he went and specifically got me Shiitake mushrooms from the kitchen because he’s the absolute best.
  • Moussa also works at Hewitt and is just an absolute lad. Super funny. Love this guy.
  • All the people who work at JJs really but Johnny at the breakfast line in JJs literally is keeping me from going vegan because iIwould miss getting a quesadilla from him too much. He’s so nice and funny and remembers my order which is crazy because I don’t even remember my order
  • I had to get signed in because I forgot my Columbia ID and the guard accidentally gave me the wrong ID back. So when I found out a few days later, I ran to the dorm and was like “HELP MY ID” and the guard found it for me and calmed my hysteria.
  • On the first day of classes last semester, my roommate’s and my fridge broke. The facilities staff in 110 was able to get it replaced (with enough time for me to transfer all of our food to the new fridge) between the time she left for her 8:40 and the time I left for my 11:40. And they were so nice about it, too!
  • Freshman winter finals I got the stomach flu during my art history exam in Barnard Hall. Made it to the hallway and spewed everywhere. A really nice lady kicked into mom-mode: helped me to the bathroom, cleaned everything up, and rubbed my back.  I had to go back to finish my midterm and never got to properly thank her/learn her name, but she’s a real gem!

first logo i found via Columbia Facilities

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    Great post. Thank you Columbia staff!

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    B&G prefers engineers from MIT instead of Columbia. They KNOW something!

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