Bwoglines: We’ve Got Oil Edition

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Not this kind of oil

Happening in the World: A mother in France has been sentenced to eight years in jail after drowning five newborn babies and hiding their bodies in the freezer. These births were said to occur over the past 10 years, going unnoticed by the woman’s husband. (BBC)

Happening in the US: The United States is projected to become the world’s top oil producer, surpassing Russia. The US’s new title as top oil producer could happen as soon as this year, the International Energy Agency announced. (US News)

Happening in NYC: A firefighter was killed as he attempted to extinguish a fire in Harlem. The fire erupted at St. Nick’s Pub, a club that closed in 2011 which is now being used as a movie set. (NYT)

Happening on Campus: The Claudia Quintet, drawing inspiration from many sources, combining American minimalism, Argentine tango, and Senegalese percussion to create a rich sound, will be performing John Hollenbeck’s compositions at Miller Theatre tonight from 8 to 10 pm. Check out the Facebook event here.

Overseen: A guy swiping into Carman carrying a box of 300 diapers.

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