What Your Ferris Breakfast Food Item Of Choice Says About You

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Studies have shown that people who make it to the avocado toast bar at Ferris in time are happier people (Bwog et al., 2018)

Scrambled Eggs: You’re very straightforward about what you want. You take what life gives you, never complaining about any obstacles you might face and tackling them to reach your goals. Your approach to most things is very simple, yet extremely effective; you like to “go with the flow,” being extremely nonchalant yet putting in lots of effort behind the scenes. Although you like being around your friends, sometimes you need alone time. You never let your emotions get to you, and you’re very level-headed. Overall, you always find a way to end up being satisfied, even if it doesn’t go how you originally intended it to.

Waffle Station: You’re a very self-serving person. Just as your waffle’s fate lies in your hands, every lifestyle choice you make lies in your hands. You’re the most independent person you know, and you exude confidence. You don’t care about others’ opinions of you because you’re incredible and you know it. You independence, however, often lands you in sticky situations. You’re very stubborn; it’s difficult to change your mind about anything. You’re always a leader, but sometimes you can be too overbearing without realizing it. This doesn’t stop people from liking you, though. When others are around you, your charisma gives them more confidence in themselves.

Avocado Toast: You’ve got your life figured out. You wake up early every day to go on a morning run in Riverside Park, your time management skills are impeccable, you’re always acing your exams, and you have extremely healthy relationships with your friends, family, and other close ones. When people see you, they’re not sure if they want to befriend you or become you. Beware of others’ envy though, because someone could do something to disrupt your healthy lifestyle. You’re an extremely happy person, and you recover easily from minor setbacks. You’re extremely sociable and genuine, and everyone who meets you absolutely loves you.

Action Station: You’re not afraid to try anything. More generally, you’re not afraid of anything. You’ve seen it all. Some will call you wise, as you have so much experience with everything. People usually turn to you when they’re stuck in situations with a bizarre outcome. You’re known for being adventurous in all your tastes. You’re often stuck thinking about whether you live this lifestyle because you’re trying to find your niche or if you just do it because you like everything. The people you surround yourself with are all very unique; even though you have a lot of incredible experiences yourself, your diverse friends supplement that.

Bacon: You try not to stray from social norms. Some people will call you “basic,” but really, you’re just afraid of standing out too much to the point where you get judged by others. You know your fear is irrational, yet you are still scared to unleash your creativity and eccentricity. You spend your weekend nights at the same bar (usually 1020) with the same people each time. You’re always up to date on all the newest fashion trends, and you’re basically the embodiment of the “Columbia student” archetype. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. You see things a different way that people with an individualistic approach do, and sometimes you can find solutions to problems that are much quicker and simpler than those who think about them with greater, unnecessary complexity.

Coffee: You’re a workaholic. You spend long nights in Butler, trying to perfect all of your assignments. You’re never in your room. (If you have a roommate, they’re always wondering where you go at night.) You always wonder how you have more work than is actually humanly possible, and you realize it’s because you always procrastinate. You still continue to procrastinate, though. You prefer to be alone most of the time because that’s how you’re the most productive. You hate wasting hours to do meaningless tasks, but sometimes, you just need a good nap.

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