Housing Reviews 2018: Ruggles

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Look, no more boarded-up fire windows!

Looking for a hot and sexy dorm? Look no further than Ruggles. This dorm is hot in two ways: no AC, and huge fucking fires. Stay safe, kids. 

Location: 508 W114th St. In other words, on 114th right by Amsterdam.

Nearby Stores/Restaurants: HamDel, Strokos, John Jay, JJ’s, Arts and Crafts, Artopolis, and even Hungarian. Really anything on Amsterdam, but also just around the corner from Broadway.

Cost: Stabilized at $9538 per year.


  • No AC. Not really an amenity.
  • Full kitchen and at least one full bathroom (sometimes two!) in each suite.
  • All hardwood or tile.
  • Printers in the lobby.
  • Fitness center in the basement!

Room Types: 82 singles, 52 doubles. Suites are made up of doubles and singles that house 4 (either four singles or two singles and one double), 6 (two doubles and two singles), or 8 (three doubles and two singles) students. Smallest singles are in 8 person suites (as small as 83 square feet), and largest singles are in 4 person suites (shoutout to that 170 square foot single on the top floor). Doubles range from about 170 square feet to 200 square feet, most around 180 square feet.

Numbers: Four suites per floor, eight floors.

  • Four person suites: Cutoff last year was 30/2524, year before it was 30/1870. I mean, who doesn’t want a four person suite with all singles?
  • Six person suites: Cutoff last year was 30/2989, but the year before it was 22.33/2295. Good luck, juniors!
  • Eight person suites: Cutoff last year was 21.25/2700, and the year before it was 20/2573.

Bwog Recommendations: Every floor plan is different, so really make sure you research exactly which suite/room you want. Ruggles suites can be fun for parties, but without any AC, things can get pretty steamy pretty fast. But honestly, at the end of the day, the proximity to campus makes up for any of Ruggles’ shortcomings.

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