Open Meeting Announcement: Bad News?!?! (NOT CLICKBAIT)

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Do you think God ever looks down and regrets what he’s created?


The bad news is that Bwog…








only has a few more Open Meetings left this semester during which you can join us! That’s right, folks, for a limited time only (until next semester) Bwog is opening its doors to you (yes, you), the doors being those of Lerner 510 (Bwog does not legally own any property in Lerner Hall), the time being 9:00 pm (21:00 for our friends in the military and abroad). Come with a pitch (do not throw baseballs at us) and an empty stomach (grapes guaranteed, other goodies liable to appear). Sunday is the Lord’s Day (for some), so why not forsake your Lord and come hang out with us?

Image via Levi Cohen’s shitty Photoshop skills


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