Bwoglines: It’s Raining Space Parts Edition

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Meteor shower. But make it space parts.

Happening Around the World: The Chinese space station that everyone was worried about hitting the Earth (while also praying it hit their city lmao) finally took its mediocre plunge to Earth and landed… in the South Pacific Ocean. (NBC)

Happening in the US: After Trump decided to increase tariffs on Chinese aluminum and steel, the Chinese government responded with increased duties on American meat and fruit. Wait…. does that mean Trump, a literal orange, will be taxed whenever moving around the country? We sure hope so. (WSJ)

Happening in the City: Despite it being April, we are supposed to get snow tomorrow. I hate this. Literally, we have one month to go and I was hoping for sunshine, but this article right here dispels such hopes, promising us a cold spring ahead. (Stamford Advocate)

Happening on Campus: Today marks the beginning of the graduate strike authorization vote, which if passed, will shake up the campus and could cause the trustees to recognize their demands. Let’s hope so.

Art Piece of the Week: Yayoi Kusama, Narcissus Garden, 1966

A narcissist’s greatest dream.







Rain but of the stars via NasaHQ; A legendary artist via TheRedList

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