Call For The Best Bacchanal Story

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It’s a Where’s Waldo of messy Columbia students

Bacchanal may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t gather like war veterans ’round a fireplace and share our best and strangest tales from that storied Saturday (read: less than 24 hours ago). As chroniclers of campus life, human interest stories, and general tomfoolery, we here at Bwog want to hear about all the shenanigans you got up to yesterday, especially if you think you might have the best story on campus.

How can you get in touch? It’s easy: you can leave a comment below, submit a tip (anonymous or not) to us, tweet us, DM us on Insta, message us on Facebook, send a messenger pigeon, send a message in a bottle, give your message to Iris, the messenger of the gods… the possibilities are endless. We just want to hear from you.

The winner of the best Bacchanal story gets… nothing. If it’s super impressive maybe I’ll buy you a coffee. Maybe.


Photo by Bwog staff.

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    Bwog really just wishes another student fucked the headliner.

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