Bwoglines: Out With The Old Edition

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Armenia is prettier than me and I’m okay with that.

Happening in the world: Despite protests, the Armenian National Assembly has sworn in its next prime minister, Serzh Sargsyan. As a former president to the nation, protests in Armenia have begun as many are discontent with the lack of change in higher government. (BBC   

Happening in the US: President Trump has rejected the proposal for new sanctions on Moscow. This comes after the American ambassador to the UN claimed that the United States would punish Russian penalties that helped fund Syrian chemical weapons initiatives. (NYTimes

Happening in the city: The Dr. J. Marion Sims statue has been removed from Central Park. In the past few years, it has been discovered that Sims performed experiments on enslaved black women without any anesthetic. (ABC7)

Happening on campus: Want to learn more about rapid urbanization in African cities? There will be an event in IAB from 3-5pm called, Transforming Public Transport in African Cities: Data, Informality and Access.

A brain-numbing video: Not because we want it, but because we need it.

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