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Let it be noted that Bwog does not endorse the use of marijuana.

Happening in the World: Eight police officers in Argentina were dismissed after claiming the 540 kilograms of marijuana missing from a police warehouse were eaten by mice. Forensics experts disputed the claim, stating that the large consumption of weed would have resulted in a lot more dead mice. The warehouse may be housing mice, but the police department is definitely infested with rats. (BBC)

Happening in the US: An Indiana woman appeared at the door of the fire department after discovering her pet raccoon was too stoned to move. The fire department later took to Facebook apologizing for being unable to do more, but stating they appreciate the call. Apparently, weed comas are only cute and news-worthy when done by raccoons. (ABC)

Happening in NYC: An LA-based cannabis company MedMen will be opening “the Apple store of weed” today on 39th and Fifth Ave. Though marijuana is not yet legal in New York, it will be one of the three permitted dispensaries in the city. If there were ever a way to gentrify weed, of course New York found it. (Complex)

Happening on Campus: Marking the 50th anniversary of the Kerner Report, Race and Inequality in Trump’s America will be held at the Union Theological Seminary today from 5 to 7 pm. Topics include education, policing, mass incarceration (did anyone mention the War on Drugs?), and more. Registration has closed, but walk-ins will be accommodated to the best of their ability. More information on the event can be found here.

Overheard: “Kids at my boarding school grew weed in the cemetery.”

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there’s weed in heaven right? via Wikimedia Commons

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