Field Notes: Last Monday Of The Year Edition

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Buthell looking good despite it smelling like no one in it has showered for 3 days.

We’ve finally reached the end of the semester! After doing Field Notes for the entire 2017-2018 year, the messiness of Bwog Staff’s weekend is finally coming to a close. Here are this weekend’s highlights, from free bleeding to finals despair. If you have any stories you would like to be added to this week’s Field Notes, email us at and we will add it!

Bwog in the City:

  • Spent the money I collected in my douchebag jar on groceries for a wholesome dinner with my friends.
  • Went to Suite for the second time ever and last time for my first year.
  • Got flirted with by men at Suite (unfortunately).
  • Babysat for the last time this semester and it felt very freeing.
  • Best friend came into town for a glorious 24 hrs so we ate all the food and saw HAIM!!!
  • Decided to get Mexican food at midnight then went to South Ferry where we got stuck on the train both there and back because of the #MTA.
  • Went to my old college for closure and to increase my superiority complex over my former classmates.
  • Slept on the floor of Penn Station while waiting for the Amtrak.
  • Went to a Mets game and saw Yoenis Cespedes pick at his butt.
  • Went to see the RBG movie at a bougie theater in midtown where the seats recline and even have adjustable FOOT RESTS.
  • Went to yoga high. Aligned my chakras.
  • Stayed in the city for a day longer than I needed to so that I could go to a #Marx200 party in Brooklyn, but everyone I was planning on going with bailed at the last minute due to finals. Decided to just stay in and catch up on Better Call Saul. (Night well spent.)
  • Went out driving alone at 10:30 at night with no destination in mind. Ended up skinny-dipping in a public lake—my first time doing that sober!
  • Went to Book of Mormon with my roommate to celebrate a year of living together and not killing each other.

Bwog and Finals:

  • Banged out several essays and don’t care how bad they are anymore.
  • “Studied” for an “exam” that I “took” on Sunday.
  • Seriously considered going down with Butler when the fire alarm went off while I was in the stacks.
  • Overheard one girl say “I’d rather burn than fail Econ” when the fire alarm went off.
  • Wrote 2 and a half pages of a French essay in a substance fueled frenzy.
  • Wrote 7 pages of a Latin essay in a despair fueled frenzy.
  • Finessed an extension by *forgetting* to email my professor about the draft he never got back to me about.
  • Didn’t sleep for 33 straight hours in the lead-up to Orgo Night and almost died. (Thanks Dean Kromm.)
  • Passed out from fatigue in the middle of signing someone out (Fuck finals bro).
  • Had to tell my friend visiting me from Denmark that she’d have to entertain herself this week (Fuck finals: reprise).
  • Lost track of the days because of how much time I spent in Butler.
  • Moved a chair from a 2-person desk in the stacks to the other side of the room, so I could make room (as a one-person desk) (for myself).

Bwog On Campus:

  • Traded laundry detergent for condoms.
  • Acquired clothing even though I need to be getting rid of them.
  • Got called out by the person I wrote a field note about ( the second time I was #exposed this semester). Had an awkward conversation about Bwog but I’m not even mad. (Thanks for reading Bwog!)
  • Practiced lip syncing to the entire Dreamgirls soundtrack.
  • Got tickets to a concert for a group I don’t even know anything about because my friend didn’t want to go alone!
  • Attempted to reconcile my cynical outlook on life with the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic.
  • Found out who got my fucking summer internship that I was promised.
  • Went on the most perfect first date of my entire life…. *sighs*
  • Thought someone was booty calling me but it was really just an invite to chill with friends.
  • Binge-watched Dear White People Volume 2: it’s good and you should watch it.
  • Also binge-watched Insecure Season 2: it’s good and you should also watch it.
  • Spent a cumulative 4 hours in the shower over 3 days. Treat yourself.
  • Made out with a grad student older than my sister (who is 23).
  • Drunkenly bought muffins at Mowills and went to Riverside Park to talk about my sexuality.
  • Was banned from my own campus (thanks Dean Hinkson!!!!!!)
  • Went to a prom-themed party hosted by my girlfriend and her roommates; brought my gf a dozen Absolute Bagels in place of a corsage.
  • Found a DEEP underground reading room in Avery.
  • Free bled in said reading room.

Bwog and Alcohol:

  • Consoled my friend group on Friday after something bad happened to each of them. Watched them drink wine until we inevitably started yelling about men and The Devil Wears Prada.
  • Went to 1020 for the last time this semester :(
  • Had a long rambling family dinner where my aunt convinced our waiter to do a shot with us.
  • Drank a mang-o-rita while writing a paper in the stacks.
  • Kept a promise that I had made to myself after a particularly rough night a few days ago and stayed away from alcohol for the entire weekend. Here’s to staying dry (for at least a *little* while longer).
  • Yelled “fuck off” to a group of men at a bar who said something flirty to my gf.

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