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Rats? Don’t know her. Hewitt Dining Hall has an A health rating now. A legend. We don’t deserve her. I always believed in her even when the haters looked down on her. I knew she could make this comeback.

We have reached out to Barnard for comment and will update this post if we receive a statement.

Update July 30th, 2018 9:50 PM: We have received a statement from Barnard:

“Barnard College and Aramark take the Health Department ratings seriously, and we were pleased to receive the anticipated A rating.

After the previous report, Aramark partnered with Barnard’s Facilities and Campus Services team to review its operation. The company made changes to address issues identified by the city, instituted rigorous daily inspections of the facility, and used third-party inspectors to ensure that it was meeting the highest standards.

Aramark will continue these efforts to ensure that it maintains the A rating and looks forward to the opening of the academic year.”

A via Betsy Ladyzhets

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  1. BACK ! ON ! TOP !

    i knew my baby girl could do. for all the haters out there, we never needed y'all. we did this on our own

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