What Should Nussbaum The Dorm Be Called Now That Nussbaum The Bagel Shop Is Dead?

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around the corner from your favorite dead bagel shop

600 W 113th St, a Columbia dorm that houses mostly sophomores, some disgruntled juniors (me), and some Regular People (i.e. people who are not Columbia students/people who might be Columbia students but definitely aren’t undergrads), is colloquially referred to as “Nussbaum,” or more commonly, just “Nuss” for the bagel shop on its ground level that is now dead (RIP). Thus, it would be misleading to keep calling the dorm Nuss. We came up with a few alternative options.

First, the boring and obvious ones…

  • Community
  • Mill
  • 600
  • The Residence Formerly Known As Nussbaum

And an allusion to its painful lack of AC…

  • Fiery Pits of Hell

And some that make no sense…

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s
  • Jiggle Town

Submissions so far…

  • Rat
  • Bagels
  • Dead Bagels
  • Karina’s Palace
  • CU Home for Independent Living
  • Pee-Wee’s Playhouse
  • Deantini’s Home for Boys and Girls
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Arby’s
  • Dumb Nussbaum
  • Post-Nussbaum

What should Nussbaum the dorm be called? Tell us your thoughts!

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  1. anon

    CU Home for Independent Living

  2. Paul Reubens

    Pee-Wee's Playhouse

  3. Magical Realist

    Deantini's Home for Boys and Girls

  4. Anonymous

    Chick-fil-A. Or better yet, avenge Dean Collery and give Robert Cooper a hissy fit by naming it Arby's.

  5. Overpriced Men's Clothing


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