Things To Put On Buttons In The Milstein Makerspace

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look at all the buttons you could make :)))

The Milstein Center is now open, including all the fancy new centers and spaces like the Movement Center and the Makerspace! The Makerspace comes equipped with all sorts of machines and materials to do…cool things with (go there to find out what)! But something in the center that can be used without training is the button maker. So, to inspire your creativity, here are some ideas of things to put on buttons with the button maker in Milstein!

  • Lick Bwog
  • Prezbo can suck it
  • Pronoun buttons (seriously!)
  • Single and desperate
  • A different name tag for yourself for every day of the week
  • A picture of your drink of choice so you can just point to it at frat parties and not have to speak to any frat boys
  • I didn’t do the readings
  • Looking for an econ major to date
  • It’s Millie, not Cheryl
  • Columbia boys get out
  • A picture of your dog from home

And those are just some ideas! Send yours in to! Or don’t! But either, way, go to the Makerspace!

dope pronoun buttons via GLSEN

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  1. A Columbia student who likes to make buttons  

    Are Columbia students allowed to use the Makerspace (I know Barnard students can use Columbia's Makerspace)?

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