Bwoglines: Stabbing Spree And Plane Crash Edition

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Happening in the World: A flight in Melbourne, Australia hit a shopping center soon after take-off from Essendon Airport, killing the pilot and four passengers. Authorities found out that the plane’s rudder had been in the wrong position, a simple error that could have been fixed by the pilot before takeoff.

The MitraClip being used to repair heart valves

Happening in the US: In a large clinical trial, doctors have been using a tiny clip in order to repair damaged heart valves among those with heart disease. This device, called the MitraClip, repairs the mitral valve by clipping its two flaps together in the middle. Previously, it was believed that this would have no effect on treating heart disease but in a study conducted across the US and Canada with 614 patients, 92 who got the device were hospitalized for heart failure during the period, and 28 died as opposed to the 151 untreated who were hospitalized for heart failure in the ensuing two years and sixty-one who died.

Happening in NYC: A 52-year old woman stabbed five people, including 3 infants, at an unlicensed maternity center in Queens last Friday. The infants remain in critical condition, while the two adults were stabbed over eight times. The horrific murder has the suspect arrested on five counts for murder and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Happening on Campus: The Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia will be hosting a film screening and discussion of “Vulcano,” an irreverent commentary on the Southern Ukrainian steppe, where the Russian Spring came to an end in 2014. It will be held at Deutsches Haus from 7 to 8 PM.

Overseen/Overheard: Football player to another football player in Carman (paraphrased)– Man, I lifted so much last night, I’m still sore… It’s kinda like nutting all over your chest.

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