Bwoglines: Earthquakes And Sharks Edition

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There are no sharks in this Bwoglines, I just like that song.

Happening in the World: Soil liquefaction is sweeping away already damaged neighborhoods in Indonesia. When soil is saturated with water, as it is after the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the country, it can behave almost like a liquid. The combined natural disasters have killed over 1,407 people. (CNN)

Happening in the US: A New York Times investigation uncovered thousands of pages of Fred Trump’s tax returns. The documents reveal a pattern of shady financial maneuvers by Fred and his son Donald Trump, as well as proving that Donald’s story that he is a self-made billionaire is a misrepresentation. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Bob’s Burgers-themed food carts are coming to Manhattan starting today! They’ll be stationed outside the Javits Center until October 7. (Secret NYC)

Happening on Campus: Columbia Effective Altruism is hosting its first event of the year today at 8:00 pm in IAB room 405. There will be a presentation about effective altruism as a movement and about how the club operates on campus, followed by a Q&A and discussion. THERE WILL ALSO BE FREE FOOD.

Overseen: A bunch of relevant graffiti on a vagina cleaning advertisement on 110th.

Book Recommendation of the Day: The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss. The first of the Kingkiller Chronicles, this book is one of the fantasy greats. The characters are richly drawn, the plot is complex and riveting, and there are plenty of crass jokes. Sadly, only two of three books are published. When you’ve read both you’ll be waiting on Rothfuss even more impatiently then on G. R. R. Martin.

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  1. Anonymous

    FREE FOOD! The ULTIMATE altruism!

  2. Anonymous

    Re:Trump Sr, see
    nytimes: 1999/06/26/nyregion/fred-c-trump-postwar-master-builder-of-housing-for-middle-class-dies-at-93.html

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