ESC Considers Post-Orientation And Academic Integrity

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ESC began last night’s discussion in reverse order, starting with a discussion section on new orientation programs. The idea is to provide “tracks” of events to “help students adjust to college much better and help students find community on campus much easier,” just as pre-orientation programs do. These programs would take place, at least initially, after NSOP concludes, making these “post-orientation” programs. Their themes, like tech, arts, or food, would hopefully allow more communities to form. If successful, the program would be moved to before NSOP, taking place concurrently with COÖP, CUE, and ISOP. During the discussion, it was clarified that the programs would focus on all newcomers to the Columbia community (including transfers), and that ESC can forward this idea as funding would come from Undergraduate Student Life. Although the current pre-orientation programs could be expanded, their funding does not come from USL and thus ESC can not try to expand them.


  • A meeting took place with Dean Kachani, a Vice Provost of Columbia and Senior Vice Dean of Columbia Engineering, regarding professors’ sensitivity to student diversity in the classroom. Apparently, Dean Kachani was very receptive to the issue. He also suggested reaching out to the Committee on Instruction regarding registrar issues between SEAS and the other undergrad colleges at Columbia.
  • The standardization of trash bins around Columbia, particularly recycling bins, is in progress. This refers to clarifying what should be placed in each bin. Efforts are also in progress in the academic buildings, but it’s not clear exactly how much progress has been made.
  • EC townhouses will be getting induction burners to compliment the hotplates already installed. The magnetic pan needed for the induction burner to work will also be provided.
  • Beer steins are coming for Oktoberfest next week. Make sure to arrive early to get one, along with the free beer, of course.

Presentation From The Director Of Academic Integrity

ESC ended their session by meeting with Victoria Malaney Brown, the Director of Academic Integrity at Columbia University, via Google Hangouts. Her role is brand new at Columbia Engineering—there was no academic integrity administrator until Victoria was brought in. The discussions around academic integrity is a “hot button topic” in academia, and Brown’s educational role is preventative in supporting undergraduates in their academic integrity. Her office is on Lerner 6, where she focuses quite a bit on programming and workshops—which is why she wanted to reach out to ESC for cooperation.

She discussed many aspects of her job, but focused specifically during the question and answer period on exposing (especially international) students to American citation standards for their papers and research. She hopes to gather student input for programming, hoping to establish a relationship with ESC for such a reason.

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  1. Like everyone doesn't already know

    that international MS students are the biggest cheaters in SEAS. They tend to come from 3-4 countries and are shameless. Administration turns a blind eye because they pay cash.

  2. Anonymous

    The professulas love students who cheat because the professulas have to work less. They hate American students who make them actually work for their pay.

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