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If this image makes you excited, you can only be an econ major

This week’s SGA meeting was primarily dedicated to presenting, explaining, and attempting to pass the 2017-2018 Internal Budget. First, however, during the period in which students and campus organizations can voice concerns to SGA, a group of members of the class of 2017 brought forward apprehensions about the financial strain Senior Week causes on students from low-income backgrounds, and Divest Barnard gave a presentation seeking further support from Student Government.

The students concerned about the financial strain caused by Senior Week asserted that all Barnard students have worked hard over the previous four years and that all deserve to be able to participate in the festivities. However, tickets upwards of $100 cause a considerable financial strain on students, especially during the already expensive graduation season. The Senior Class President replied that they would send more information to the student body concerning finances this Wednesday and that they would attempt to organize another fundraiser. Further discussion will occur at the Senior Class Council Meeting, which is open to all Barnard seniors, and will take place today at 7 pm in Diana 304.

Divest Barnard and SGA finances after the break

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