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Holdin’ guitars, havin’ fun, bein’ cute.

Almost a full year ago, Senior Staff Writer and Video Editor Anna Hotter ventured to Williamsburg to see NYU-Columbia duo Jack + Eliza in concert. In light of it being the almost-anniversary of Anna’s post about this event, Bwogger Lila Etter headed to The Knitting Factory on Friday night to check out the band for herself.

As a first-year, I’m all too aware of my own naivet√©. So when I was told about an upcoming concert in Brooklyn, I felt embarrassed that I didn’t recognize the band. It turns out, Jack + Eliza, NYU ’17 and CC ’17, respectively, are celebrated across both campi, and apparently it was only a matter of time until I’d find out about them. I was eager to jump at the chance to cover the concert for Bwog, as I would be checking three items (Brooklyn, The Knitting Factory, and my first concert of the school year) off my bucket list in only one night.

After taking the 1, to the 2, to the L, and subsequently walking four more blocks to Metropolitan Ave, we arrived at the venue with enough time to see the opener: The Britanys. In short, they did not disappoint. Between songs, my friends and I debated over which band they sounded most like. One vote was for Drowners, and although I could see the resemblance between the band’s guitarist and heartthrob Matt Hitt, I remained unconvinced. Someone else suggested CAKE, and it was easy to see why: Songs like “Are You Gonna Do It Right?” are sure to remind some of CAKE’s well-loved “Short Skirt / Long Jacket.” Still, I’m sticking to my guns; while listening to The Britanys, I was most reminded of old Arctic Monkeys songs. You know the ones. Back when Alex Turner was still crooning about lost loves, before he walked around with a leather jacket draped casually over his shoulder. That’s the Arctic Monkeys I sometimes miss, and the era that The Britanys made me nostalgic for. So yes, their lyrics included a few references to manic-pixie-dream-girl-esque figures, and yes, they drank cheap beer on stage and made terrible jokes. But the overall effect was one of watching cute city boys (wink, wink) have a blast with each other, almost entirely forgetting their own surroundings. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the guitarist had a Barnard “B” temp tattoo on his forearm, a quirk that only made me like them more.

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