When Bwog finds a complimentary copy of Columbia College Today squashed into its 4″ by 4″ mailbox, it tends to glance at the smiling administrator or alumnus on the cover and toss the glossy mag on a Lerner ramp bench. Sometimes, though, the photo has something about it, some special quality, that keeps Bwog from tearing its eyes away. This issue, it’s the seamlessly fused eyebrows of Nicholas Dirks, VP of arts and sciences and “esteemed expert” in various things.

In keeping with its style of breathless puff pieces on distinguished potential donors, CCT also profiled Jerry Nadler, Vanity Fair Hall-of-Famer and US Congressman for bits of Manhattan and Brooklyn. With a pedigree like that, frat boy Mike Nadler couldn’t help becoming president of the Dems. Although Bwog is sure he’s quite talented as well.