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kjghWe didn’t get pictures like last year, but word is that acceptance letters went out today, meaning that there are going to be a lot of angsty posts over here and excited youngsters the world over refreshing their e-mail obsessively. CC and SEAS combined got over 21,000 applications–that’s a lot to reject!

Welcome, class of 2011. Bwog is waiting for you.

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  • oy. says:

    @oy. Please, please, please let the class of 2011 be less annoying than 2010 was in their pre-Columbia time. By November I stopped wanting to betchslap every 2010er I came across, but it was a long 7-month stretch of annoyance towards the little nimrods.

    1. eww says:

      @eww nimrods? who says that?

      how could 2010 annoyed you in their pre-Columbia time? you obviously actively sought it out. turd.

  • cu11 says:

    @cu11 hahaha a bunch of us visited CU after we got accepted ED (picture in Columbia College Today) and we go up to the Alma Mater to take a pic. We see two guys there and a girl in our group is like “OMG WE”RE CALSS OF 2011~~!~111-oone!1” The reply: “Welcome to school- now go buy a shotgun cuz ur gonna want to kill yourself” Encouraging eh?

    1. dude says:

      @dude just because you got accepted doesnt mean we should have to be subjected to you yet. you’re not here yet, please keep that in mond.

  • cu2010er says:

    @cu2010er try as they may, the class of 2011 will never top the class of 2010 in excitement/obsession/being annoying. hahaha.

  • cu11 says:

    @cu11 Regardless— CU11 is gonna own.

    1. own says:

      @own about five times more Columbia shirts than the average student.

      1. hahaha says:

        @hahaha brilliant.

  • ass says:

    @ass I’m sorry to say this, but I agree with the current student body at Columbia… 2011, you haven’t even graduates HS yet… you’re sooo not one of us. And I have to agree… 2010 was a pain in the ass–heh, for that matter, 2009 was a pain too!

  • remember this, says:

    @remember this, you pubescent fucks: getting into Columbia, graduating Columbia, euphoric. The 4-7 years in between…well, you’ll see.

  • bill says:

    @bill You can’t say you’re a Columbia student until you’ve given 50,000 dollars to the CUmachine… a 500 buck deposit is play money… pay that bill, and then you can talk all the crap you want.

  • What's interesting says:

    @What's interesting is that everyone here is annoying. Roar lion roar!

  • columbiaoh11 says:

    @columbiaoh11 Sorry bill.

    Tuition exemption here.

    1. mhm says:

      @mhm Well you are one of approximately 5 people. Congrats, but CU needs to come a long motherfuckin way before deserving people get aid.

  • Columbian says:

    @Columbian I kind of like seeing excited pre-frosh. It reminds me of how exciting I was as a pre-frosh and going to Days on Campus and talking to other pre-frosh on facebook/livejournal and all that stuff. So I was probably dorky, but it was fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous let’s try to stem the annoying comments away from bwog and leave them be. we are in the process of writing an informational guide for prefrosh at wikicu. if you are a cu2011, drop by and leave questions, comments.

  • reading says:

    @reading this in butler on my second red bull of the night makes me think whistfully of my young, carefree days. enjoy them while they last, prefrosh – your soul belongs to god, but your ass belongs to Columbia.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It wasn’t a FedEx truck this year.
    It was a DHL truck.
    I wonder why…

  • columbiaoh11 says:

    @columbiaoh11 Cheaper?
    Ppl are calling DHL again… like last year with FedEx. My friend apparently has a 2lb package headed to his house for 10027 =P

  • lay off says:

    @lay off so they’re excited to come to columbia. we should be excited for them too. its college. college is good. if you’re not having a great time, it’s prolly your own lame fault.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Yes.
      Lay off. I agree.
      Weren’t you excited when you got in? Well probably not because I bet that many of you (I was ED) got rejected from other ivies and that’s why you’re upset.
      Get excited for them because that’s how lame you (we) were back then.

      1. oy. says:

        @oy. Yeah, we were all excited when we got in…but we didn’t harass current students and flomp about going “OMG class of ’07 is gonna rock this fucka down and be the best class ever! We are the new h0tness and you lamerz are old and cracked! Wheeeee!” for five straight months leading to our arrival on campus. Therein lies the difference.

        By the way, 2010, we’re still waiting for you guys to make good on the promise to revolutionize Columbia and rock our socks off. Feel free to commence dazzling us at any time.

        1. sorry says:

          @sorry i guess the one person who promised you that forgot to tell the rest of us. our apologies.

  • Chickpea Orator says:

    @Chickpea Orator Know thyself, Class of 11. Know thyself thusly:

    For the sake of little Lord Jesus, if you don’t like the Core, run away right now. Because goddamn I am TIRED of hearing that shit.

    I also suggest you start drinking immediately, so I don’t have to listen to your asses getting CAVA’d for two weeks.

    Of course, as with all pertinent information, no one who needs this knowledge shall receive it.

    Oh times, oh morals…

    1. The Dink says:

      @The Dink excellent advice indeed

  • analogy i was told says:

    @analogy i was told Freshman year…Columbia is like unprotected sex. You’re glad you got in, but not so glad you came.

    Also, as a senior, the idea of the Class 2011 freaks me out

  • Welcome '11 says:

    @Welcome '11 On behalf of your local subway muggers association: WELCOME CLASS OF 2011– and don’t forget your Ipods, phones and laptops! We’ll be waiting for you!

  • frumph says:

    @frumph Awe let them have their fun before Columbia begins assraping them.

  • mizz says:

    @mizz What do we do about Barnard students who think they go to Columbia? Do they exist only on Facebook, or do they really live their lives thinking they go to Columbia?

    1. for the record says:

      @for the record facebook won’t let you say you go to barnard. i’ve tried.

      it’s a pain in the ass when old acquaintances from high school (who are in bumblefuck and think barnard = brandeis or baruch or something) ask me when I transferred to Columbia!

      Excellent professors + no core + jshap, dean denburg, and an advisor that knows my name? Obviously I want to switch…

      1. no core? says:

        @no core? yeah, that seven ways of knowing is really revered as an educational paradigm…reknown throughout the land for being so thorough and thought provoking!

        excellent professors…damn, none of those on the columbia side of the street, either.

    2. yea says:

      @yea No, that’s how it is, actually, get used to it.

  • wow says:

    @wow class of 2011. so young. so innocent. i’ll be gone from here and gone from the grad program i was accepted to before you even graduate here. and i could finish most of law school too in that time. welcome to purgatory folks.

  • wow says:

    @wow i’m kinda happy for them, all over again.

    (2007 was the most annoying class ever. them, i hated.)

  • barnard says:

    @barnard a girl I know who got into barnard now has her entire facebook wall filled with “congrats on columbia!” messages…

  • 2007 says:

    @2007 the last class to not have facebook (can you believe it didn’t exist yet?) before entering college. thank god our first impressions weren’t maimed by awkward references to online activities.

  • barnard says:

    @barnard kill the whole rivalry…Barnard people, just like Seas and Columbia College are all part of Columbia UNIVERSITY!!

    arrogant pricks

    1. actually says:

      @actually nothing against Barnard, but Barnard is not part of Columbia University. It’s an affiliate institution (like Oxford and Cambridge are affiliates of Columbia University). SEAS, CC, and GS are actually part of Columbia University, whereas Barnard declared independence a while back and is now under its own trustees and president rather than Columbia’s.

  • Junior says:

    @Junior Does anyone else think that “Class of 2011” has something unsettling about it? The number seems off, somehow. I suppose it lacks the elegance of 2008, which, for me, has always seemed a sublime number not only in terms of its symbolic value but simply its aesthetic merits.

    Also, until orientation week you aren’t Columbia students, so take off the sweatshirts. Besides, you should want to hang on to high school for AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

  • hey says:

    @hey enjoy the packages, kids!

    it’s all downhill from there!

  • re: 38 says:

    @re: 38 yes, but its president is also a dean in the columbia system, it grants columbia degrees, and its professors are granted columbia tenure.

    lean on the word “affiliate” all you want, but you’re being ridiculous.

    besides, in most recent years, it’s been more selective than seas.

    1. Really? says:

      @Really? More selective in terms of average SAT and HS GPA? Or more selective in terms of admissions rate?

  • okay... says:

    @okay... 1) whether or not the claim about barnard being more selective in recent years is true, the pool of students who apply to SEAS is far smaller than the pool of students who apply to barnard. SEAS applicants have to be good at math and science and there aren’t as many of those students as there are girls who don’t have the grades to get into columbia.

    2) that barnard grants columbia degrees is the problem. be proud of going to barnard. be proud of having your own board of trustees and your own president. be proud of being independent. get your own fucking degree.

  • fucking leonard says:

    @fucking leonard this excitedment seems so totally foreign to me now that i’ve been here three years and hated it so much. but i was just like them at one point…

    my theory is, juniors and seniors like me get so damn jaded trying for their first two years to make the best of it here that they just give up, so the incoming classes feel like they need to pick up the slack and work and work at it to make the damn place better until they get jaded and retreat from all columbia activity and just stop giving a shit when they’re juniors and the cycle starts again.

    ah well.

  • leonard says:

    @leonard excitement* my bad

  • just wondering says:

    @just wondering where does the presumption come from that barnard girls go to barnard because they don’t have the grades/quals/whatever to get into columbia?

    1. actually says:

      @actually again, nothing against Barnard, but a lot of Barnard students I’ve spoken to also applied to Columbia and would have instead gone there if they had gotten in. It’s like talking to Columbia students about Harvard…

    2. Of course says:

      @Of course Not all Barnard students go to Barnard because they didn’t get in to Columbia. However, I would be willing to bet serious money that the majority either couldn’t get into Columbia or wouldn’t have applied had Columbia not been there.

      1. hmm says:

        @hmm isn’t that kindof like saying a majority of columbia students hadn’t applied had columbia not been in new york? it’s an intrinsic part of the school. i mean, god, morningside heights is just for the people who aren’t intense enough to live in the village. stop pretending you actually live in the cool part of new york city!

        seriously, yo.

        1. hmm again says:

          @hmm again i meant “wouldn’t have applied”

  • transferable skills says:

    @transferable skills 7 ways of knowing? reknown?

    Presumably you’ve done your research about the 9 ways of knowing and have studied the English language before proceeding to flame an entire academic institution, right? You’ve flipped through the catalogue, spoken to some professors, been to the website? Maybe even spoken to a student here?

    Oh. You’ve never even crossed the street? Someone turned you down in a bar once? Right.

    I’m fairly certain that Columbia College, too, emphasizes intelligent internet usage and research skills, so I’m a little surprised. Is your arrogance really based not in your skills accumulated while in college but in your successes as a 17 year old living at home with your mom?

    I’m sure potential employers will love to hear about your experience as 1600 getting prom king and queen while your peers who only had a 3.8 in high school are talking about their current internships with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

    Your high school experience may have been relevant then, but what will it get you once you graduate?

    Columbia University needs community members who will not be merely satisfied with past public renown, but will move forward to gain new success, regardless of their past achievements.

    Whether you like it or not, when we all graduate and leave the morningside bubble, we all in some way are responsible for Columbia’s image… and whether you like it or not, Barnard women help Columbia look good.

  • hmm says:

    @hmm “Whether you like it or not, when we all graduate and leave the morningside bubble, we all in some way are responsible for Columbia’s image”

    Yeah, because Barnard students claim they went to Columbia rather than Barnard. And why do they say they went to Columbia? Exactly because of the prestige and “past public renown” you’re writing off. I hear tons of people say “Well, I say Columbia because nobody knows what Barnard is.” Well, yeah, because hardly any Barnard students refer to it as Barnard to outsiders.

    I’ve found that the smarter Barnard students say “Barnard” whereas the less bright ones who feel they have something to prove are quicker to claim Columbia. It’s a good school. Just say you go to Barnard if you go to Barnard.

  • sigh says:

    @sigh Barnard more selective than SEAS.

    How about after graduation we see whom employers and grad schools are more interested in? Hate to be so mean about it, but if you want to knock my school, I get to knock yours.

    #50 is totally right. Barnard is a fantastic school, so why cling to the Columbia name? If anything that’s just degrading Barnard more by not attributing your probably very intelligent self to it. (I’m not being sarcastic)


    @STOP THE VIOLENCE My fellow Columbians, it’s not about Barnard vs. CC, nor CC vs. SEAS — it’s about BANNING THOSE FUCKING

    1. you says:

      @you you are disgusting

  • Average Columbian says:

    @Average Columbian Class of 2011,
    be excited about your acceptance and note that the majority of people who post on bwog are jaded indidviduals that get off by complaining about pretty much everything. The truth is that you will be attending an Ivy League school in New York city, which though cliche is an unbeatable combo. I have loved my time and Columbia and don’t see it going downhill anytime soon. It’s a very difficult academic institution, but that’s what you signed up for. Get psyched, be proud and enjoy the summer, we will see you all in the fall.

    P.S Do stop making arrogant comments like those espoused by 2010 last summer, they are ridiculous, you are not the “most amazing class ever” as the acceptance rate will probably be lower next year and for years to come.

  • Barnard 2011 says:

    @Barnard 2011 Ahh… more Barnard bashing. lol As a future Barnard girl I’m both amused and a bit worried about the sanity of people who continue to argue over the Barnard/Columbia relationship. All I can say is that you all are providing me with some truly entertaing reading on this boring and cold 4th of July.

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