New Destination for Mudd Elevators

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sadFrustrated with the slow progress of the Manhattanville expansion, Columbia instead decided to dedicate its resources towards constructing a magical Bridge to Terebithia, and annex a SUNY that doesn’t exist. Hurrah!

Or maybe somebody has a plaque maker, a sense of humor and a little too much time on his/her hands.

Thanks to Jonathan Bell for noticing.

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  1. uh oh

    I remember that book ending sadly...

  2. my guess

    is someone from another ivy league school. suny harlem is a nickname for columbia, dating back to the 80s when we really were the bottom of the ivy league (academically).

  3. sweet  

    hahah, suny harlem. i like it.

  4. ...

    does this make suny ithaca our rival?

  5. Lydia  

    If Alex Weinberg says it's not Jester, it's probably Jester.

  6. alexw  

    1. Shouldn't we be CUNY Harlem?
    2. Couldn't anyone post as "alexw" without logging in?

  7. alexw  

    but i'm alexw. imposter!

  8. ttan  

    Hi, I'm alexw pretending to be CUSJ and LDP and an anonymous troll all at the same time! Please don't track me!

  9. ttan  

    I also happen to be made entirely of Blackberries.

  10. I agree  

    CUNY Harlem, folks.

  11. What's the deal?  

    "Attempts at Humor" as a tag? This is pretty legit. Much more so than a lot of the stuff that has appeared on this blog lately.

  12. everyone knows  

    that name registering is for those who are too cool to get their identity stolen

  13. awww  

    i think the "suny harlem" is gone!

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