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BwogSalon: Jester

In BwogSalon, we cherry-pick articles from other Columbia publications for your consumption. Today, we take a look at Jester, which recently put out its “Space” issue. It’s the first time they’ve published since last year! If you’d like your publication to be considered for this feature, tell us! Name of Publication: Jester of Columbia Edition: Spring 2012 Description: The Jester […]

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 Image courtesy of Chowdah Bwog Comic Curmudgeon Jon Hill caught Chowdah’s fifth anniversary last night in Lerner. If you’re reading this now and haven’t seen Chowdah’s fifth anniversary show, you’re unfortunately too late. The show closed Saturday, so given the time constraints, this review won’t be able to convince you whether to buy a ticket. […]

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Today, Saturday Morning Cartoons brings you refreshingly apolitical humor.  In fact, today’s offering hits quite close to home for the co-ed set.  Enjoy!   “Room, board, books, and tuition – I draw the line at corkage fees.” By Danny Shanahan from The New Yorker

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There’s nothing like a Saturday morning trad to get your weekend off right.  Wrap up in your comforter and scroll down for a smattering of cartoons from this week – Enjoy!   “I’m nothing, and yet I’m all I can think about.” By William Hamilton from The New Yorker

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Another dreary Saturday morning in November brings you another cheerful edition of Saturday morning cartoons – this time in bigger and more legible font! Enjoy!     “I love just hanging out in my favorite chair.” By Edward Koren from The New Yorker

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For some Sunday morning is a sacred time. For Columbia scholars, however, leisurely  brunches and other holier Sunday morning traditions are often sullied by Saturday night’s hangover and Monday’s looming deadlines.  But, remember it’s only Saturday and today must borrow nothing of tomorrow! So this drizzly November morning, Bwog offers a spread of cartoons to […]

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Because they’re sooooo similar, not in terms of theme and content mind you, but because we so love them both. Hugs all around. Firstly, Jester (with a cool new website!): “Constant, murderous raping” (page 8) Children: they’re not that special! (page 9) The most useful thing Jester has ever published (page 14) National stereotyping, with […]

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Once upon a Thursday dreary, into Hillel I wandered weak and weary and heard many a piece of dreadful lore… The 22nd Annual Joyce Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest had many moments, ranging from hilarity to mediocrity to…is that Umbrella in Latin? Whether it was Columbia Blue balls from the window to the wall or […]

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Found in Nussbaum

Yeah, we’re not even gonna touch this one…

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Frustrated with the slow progress of the Manhattanville expansion, Columbia instead decided to dedicate its resources towards constructing a magical Bridge to Terebithia, and annex a SUNY that doesn’t exist. Hurrah! Or maybe somebody has a plaque maker, a sense of humor and a little too much time on his/her hands. Thanks to Jonathan Bell for […]

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