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Callout: Carman Elevators

If you’ve waltzed into Carman any time in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that the elevators are pretty fucked up. And we’re pretty tired of it. So we decided it was high time for a callout… Over the weekend, I was sitting in my Carman suite watching Netflix and enjoying a breezy afternoon. […]

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Overseen: Freshmen Discover Internet Memes

One of the John Jay elevators is down for maintenance, making those already painfully long and awkward elevator rides that much longer and more crowded. It appears that resident freshpeople are getting a little angsty about the whole situation. Just a little.  Tipped by Sophie Qian and Alex N

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NYU’s New Fitness Program

Just in case you needed another reason to hate hipsters.

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Dear Bwog: Hellevator Edition

Dear Bwog, Before I came to Columbia, I never realized how awkward elevator rides are. I usually just start fake texting to avoid eye contact, but is that bitchy? ~Awkward McAwkward Dear Awkward McAwkward, Yeah, elevators are mad awkward; you’re confined to a 20-square-foot box. Still, you don’t want to move your lazy ass up […]

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When Nowhere Else Will Do

This dude was spotted studying in the Carman service elevator the other day, sitting on his dorm chair stolen lounge chair (that’ll land you in Columbia prison, son) under an unplugged desklamp and with his trusty Nalgene at his side. Bwog gives up.

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Freshmen Take The Histories A Little Too Seriously

Bwog tipster Frederick Havemeyer informs us that in John Jay, custom is slowly becoming law:   Good luck lugging Westside bags up five flights of stairs, freshmen — you can start preparing early for that walkup that awaits you after graduation.

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Great Issues of the 21st Century: Does the Close-Door Button Really Work?

It’s a classic situation: you’re in an elevator, jamming the door close button, only to discover the elevator gods are not with us that day, and the doors don’t obey our command. In fact, it seems like we’ve been in this situation so many times that many people even begun to question the legitimacy of […]

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East Campus and McBain to Be “Serviced” Over Break

For those of you staying in East Campus or McBain over break, Columbia University Facilities will be using the time to fix your residence. In McBain, elevator repairs will mean that both elevators will be out on Monday, December 29th. In EC, the story’s slightly less chipper, and quite a bit longer. Facilites “has identified […]

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No levity here

Earlier this evening, and sporadically throughout the day, the East Campus elevators–yes, those shiny new transport cells–stood frozen in place for hours on end, forcing residents moving in to shlep their stuff up dozens of flights of stairs. According to the security guard on duty, a big moving bin had slammed into one of the […]

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New Destination for Mudd Elevators

Frustrated with the slow progress of the Manhattanville expansion, Columbia instead decided to dedicate its resources towards constructing a magical Bridge to Terebithia, and annex a SUNY that doesn’t exist. Hurrah! Or maybe somebody has a plaque maker, a sense of humor and a little too much time on his/her hands. Thanks to Jonathan Bell for […]

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C-ment Tix 4 Sale

According to a sign in Bwog’s elevator, the going rate for Commencement tickets is $80. Or, at least, some poor fool thinks it’s $80. But before you fork over any cash to your orphaned classmates, you should check out this ticket exchange. Why buy the cow when the milk comes for free?

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Found in the LLC

The LLC: always a treasure trove of crazy shit. First, Bwog ran across boxes begging for the anonymous return of John Jay plates, silverware, and salt and pepper shakers, like those boxes at summer camp where counselors told you to put your drugs when no one was looking, no questions asked. I mean, we all […]

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