Alan Brinkley is busy these days: ending his term as provost, checking on the numbers of his many adoring Facebook groups, and being accosted by roving cable news reporters. But he’s also had time to check out YouTube, and he’s got some recommendations.

Of course, being a famous name, Brinkley isn’t just going to put them in his “Favorites” section. He’s an eGuider on, one of “your trusted voices who find and recommend the best original online videos and share them with you. Let us do the searching so you can do the watching!” Other eGuiders include Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza) and Damon Lindelof (Lost‘s co-creator).

Brinkley’s only added two videos so far – JFK’s Inaugural and an exchange between Ann Coulter and Al Franken – but perhaps stepping down as provost will allow him to add all those mixtapes he’s been dying to forward you.