Crossing the threshold of the shiny, renovated Community Food and Juice, Bwog was in good company – at least a dozen other enthusiasts arrived at 8am sharp this morning to witness the reawakening of a culinary giant. As the fresh morning sun fell through the high windows and we prepared to spend $20 a piece on breakfast, it dawned upon us all – today, the recession ends.


Morningside will be glad to know that Community is looking so spick-and-span that it recalls the booming Clinton days of yore. Now relieved of the rarely used juice bar (replaced by additional seating) and making use of a revamped kitchen, our dear old Community seems almost flawless.

Bill, the jolly Chef de Cuisine, tells Bwog that “everyone is very happy” with the renovations, despite the delays. We have been missing Brioche French Toast and other delectables for such a long an unpredictable span of time, he says, mostly due to long waits for building permits, Fire Dept. clearance in the wake of the Great Fire, and other bureaucratic densities. But now the brunch we love is back, and nearby CC students were heard cramming Plato for a midterm over Blueberry Pancakes that they said “approached the form.”

Community will be open from 8am to 4pm today, tomorrow and Friday, with regular brunch and dinner hours (one hour closing in between) resuming Saturday. More pictures after the jump.

Additional seating area above. Bwog’s favorite Community drink, The Barnard Bear, below.