From the Department of New and Quirky Campus Blogs comes Dicks at Columbia (  Don’t worry, it’s totally SFW: the blog is a “celebration of the phallus in all its forms” on this undersexed campus, documenting the proprietor’s near-anthropological quest to find and photograph every wang at our apparently wang-obsessed school.  You can help, too!  Send all tips and photos to For more on the site, Bwog was able to snag a few precious Gchat minutes with the site’s founder:

bwog: So what’s the inspiration?

dicks: It actually started when I saw the dick drawing along the wall of the Law School. I realized that our school has an odd fascination with male genitalia, and decided to document it. It’s one of those things you don’t really notice until you start to think of it.

bwog: So what are your plans going forward? Any expansion plans?

dicks: I’m definitely hoping for tipsters to submit pictures. I know there are a lot of dicks out there that I’m just missing out on. Like Pan’s, for example. I haven’t had the chance to go down there and take a picture of his skin flute yet.

bwog: Are you worried you’ll run out of dicks?

dicks: Yeah, I’ve thought about the possibility of a dick shortage. If DicksAtColumbia somehow manages to catalog every dick on campus, then I’d consider it a mission accomplished. Until then, there’s a lot of work to be done.