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Falafel Wars: Not A Joke

Amir’s has adjusted to the times; it got a makeover over the weekend and became Maoz. There’s a new green sign, the mirrors are green, the walls and ceilings are green, and there are also some yellow-and-white striped booths, but nevermind those. The falafel also got a little cheaper (from $4.75 for a sandwich to a mere $3.50, now we’re talking Hooda prices) and the store was bustling around 7 PM tonight. Amir’s has survived a Health Department shuttering (eegad, roaches!) in 2008 and many years in Morningside. And the battle rages on! Thanks to John “Shawarma King” Nordin for the photos.

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  • l0ol says:

    @l0ol I think those are the surviving members of Guns and Roses in the first booth

  • That guy says:

    @That guy looks like he will kill the person who took the pic.

  • Maoz says:

    @Maoz falafel sucks. its all hard and crappy. Plus the “salad” bar there is weak. The normal lettuce and tomato chunks at amir’s taste better and add more to the falafel

    1. um says:

      @um this must have been written by someone at amir’s

      iceberg lettuce, gross old tomatoes, and uncooked falafel < cooked falafel with unlimited salad bar including fried broccoli, carrots, and olives, and tons of sauces

  • amirs says:

    @amirs is crap that crap craps

  • nurr says:

    @nurr trying to beat maoz at being maoz is probably the worst strategy

  • maoz says:

    @maoz is the best thing to happen to morningside in a long time. IT’S SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!

  • maoz-amir's says:

    @maoz-amir's can we talk about how it’s an israeli versus arab falafel war?

    we can only pray the owners can dance.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous typical columbia kids. supporting the shiny new chain instead of the local, tastier small-business.
    I boggles my mind that people choose chipotle over taqueria.

    1. amirs says:

      @amirs is not tastier by any stretch of the imagination. The only thing Maoz is doing is making me too lazy to walk down to 103rd for Jerusalem Shawarma, now thats good falafel/shawarma/middle eastern food

    2. GS'11 says:

      @GS'11 I was all into trying Maoz today — but when I got inside, there was total confusion at the ordering station, the staff seemed to be distracted, and in my hungry/cranky state I gave up after about five minutes of being ignored.

      I guess I will never know how it compares to those other places, and never is truly the important word there, cause no way am I going back!

    3. clg says:

      @clg taqueria is not good for vegetarians, hence my chipotle choosing. though i do like their horchata.

  • singing and dancing says:

    @singing and dancing back in the west side

  • falafel in uws says:

    @falafel in uws amirs is ok

    maoz is better

    hummus place is best

    1. uhhh says:

      @uhhh The Hummus Place is also incredibly overpriced, and their falafel appetizer consists of three mini falafel served plain.

      Amir’s sucks, but Maoz sucks worse. Amir’s has the advantage of some really good options, too — their tabbouleh sandwich, kibbe sandwich, Lebanese wrap, and fattoush salad are all legitimately good, and are reasonably priced.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous hummus place is best [2]

  • hmm says:

    @hmm alibaba anyone?

  • maoz says:

    @maoz taqueria is better than chipotle. amirs is NOT better than maoz. maoz is amazing. i’ve been to amirs many times, and it gets worse every time. maoz is always amazing. i’ve already been there 6 times.

  • yea says:

    @yea amirs blows. they suck at making falafel. it tastes like shit.

    maoz is awesome. their falafel tastes good, and they have lots of delicious shit to put on it.

  • um says:

    @um ew.
    amir’s should have spent all of this money on actually making their falafel taste GOOD.

  • man says:

    @man I don’t think falafel is that great anyway – I like that Amir’s has other products.

  • Tom says:

    @Tom Azuri Cafe, 51st just east of 10th Ave, best in NYC.

    Do you kids remember Amy’s Falafel? Amy’s was around 20 years ago, when Amir’s was a tiny hole in the wall a block away from its current location. Amy’s had a green awning (visible in occasional exterior shots from “Seinfeld”) and fantastic falafel — less spicy perhaps than Amir’s but made fresh, which Amir’s is not. I think Cardomat is in the location now.


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