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It seems everyone’s lookin‘ for a little lovin‘ at Columbia these days. People also do a lot of whining at this school that they’ll never find love. Bwog is here to prove those people kind-of-wrong! Believe it or not, people find their life long mates here! Even Hawkma rides the wings of love. Brimming with joy, Bwog presents our newest feature, College Sweathearts. Meet the Sams, two sophomore rowers adorably and confusingly named Sam. Fellow rower Sylvie Krekow reports…

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Sam (left) and Sam (right), in a double.

Boy: How many questions are there going to be?
Girl: Sam!

How did you two meet?

Boy: We met at the world championships –
Girl: I’ll tell it, Sam.  Okay, so –
Boy: Wait, wait, wait. You’re not recording every word of this, are you?
Girl: It’s an interview, Sam, of course it’s recording. Okay, so, when we were in high school, we were both on the Junior National Team [for rowing] – I was on the American team, he was on the Australian team. We both knew –
Boy: Sam. It’s not a life story. We met at the Junior National World Championships in France!
Girl: We were really nervous to see each other, it took us like four days to say hi to each other. Finally he walked over to the USA area and was like, “Hey I’m Sam” and I was like, “Hey, I’m Sam!”
Boy: Can’t you just say we met at the Junior World Championships? Next question.
Girl: And then we talked until school started, and then we started dating once we got to Columbia.

How weird is it dating someone with the same name?

Boy: Not that weird. It’s just funny because people make fun of it.
Girl: Yeah, people make fun of it a lot. It’s not that big of a deal. People make fun of it so much though. It’s really embarrassing when we have to introduce ourselves to people, because sometimes they think we’re joking.
Boy: Sam and Sam.

Is it fun doing the same sport?

Girl: Yeah, I mean the thing is –
Boy: Hold on, we’re changing the rules. You’ve answered the last like five questions, I haven’t said anything! So. Same sport: yeah, because we’re on the same schedule and we share the same interests.
Girl: And it’s what brought us together.
Boy: Delete that.
Girl: It’s romantic!

How is it being so busy all the time with Columbia and athletics?

Girl: We almost kill each other every week.
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Because he’s like, “No, no, no, I gotta go play around on the computer with my MATLAB shit,” and I’m like, “okay.” It’s hard because he’s an engineer.
Boy: The hardest thing for me is balancing a relationship with schoolwork and athletics. And then having enough time to spend with friends.
Girl: All of my friends are his friends.

What do you two like to do when you’re not rowing or doing schoolwork?

Boy: We like taking walks, watching movies… I think we’re the lamest people at Columbia, actually.

What are your favorite movies?

Girl: He didn’t know anything about movies, I had to introduce him to so many last year.  I showed him “The Usual Suspects” and “Pulp Fiction,” I don’t think Australia has as much access to good movies.

What’s it like being an international couple? Do you visit each other over breaks?

Boy: Over the summer I visited Sam in California, and then we had the whole summer where we didn’t see each other. It sucked. But this winter she’s coming to Australia for Christmas… see my kangaroos and stuff.

So you’re both tall blonde rowers named Sam – what are your biggest differences?

Boy: Well I’m really smart and Sam’s really dumb. [Sam hits him with a pillow and laughs] No, not really.
Girl: He’s actually interested in way different things than I am. I’m an art history major and every time we go to a museum Sam says it’s stupid and that he doesn’t like art.
Boy: Hold on, the editor of Bwog is in my art history class, don’t say I think art is stupid.
Girl: She’s not going to care. And then he took me all the way to Brooklyn for the New York City Transit Museum, and I had to go look at models of bridges.
Boy: It was the MTA museum.
Girl:  So that was the most boring situation I’ve ever been in. Otherwise we like everything exactly the same.

Boy Sam, what’s your favorite thing about Girl Sam?

Boy: She gets along with everyone I know. She’s very outgoing and friendly – and she’s beautiful.  She’s hot, but she’s not one of those people I’m worried to bring out around my friends. No one’s ever like, “don’t bring your girlfriend along!”

Girl Sam, what’s your favorite thing about Boy Sam?

Girl: Sam is really understanding about everything, he never gets angry at me. He balances me out really well.  And he’s Australian and he’s fucking hot.  He has a six-pack.

Final question: who has the more well-defined six-pack?

Girl: Sam definitely does.
Boy: Hopefully.

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  1. adorabwog  

    Props to whoever recorded this interview. The back-and-forth between the Sams, perfectly captured in the transcript, is so cute!

  2. Hm...

    College Sweathearts sounds like an interesting idea for a column, too.

  3. aw  

    super sweet :)

    yeah same -- props to the interviewer and editor of the interview.

  4. Anonymous  

    I thought this was kinda stupid, like I don't know why people would want to read about this.

  5. Umm  

    why no pics of Hot Aussie Sam and his six-pack?

  6. umm  

    this was absolutely retarded. columbias standards have fallen so far. and we call ourselves the intellectual ivy...

  7. Anonymous

    the saccharine sweetness is making me gag...
    good luck you two, don't fuck things up.

  8. Anonymous  

    I think this was fun and refreshing. You don't have to read it if you're not interested; it's not because we go to Columbia and Barnard that all articles we read have to be intellectually challenging. Articles should be entertaining, well written (and well edited), which this interview was. Read stuff that interests you if you don't like this and if you can't find anything, write something of your own.
    Loved the interview, wish I could meet Sam & Sam.

  9. Anonymous  

    i like this column idea! cute!! excited to see more.

  10. ryan  

    sam was my favorite person on my floor last year, no joke

  11. umm  

    this is what the core curriculum breeds?

  12. ...  

    "All of my friends are his friends."

    -not always a great thing.

  13. ...  

    ok so who gets to be the mark zuckerberg that steals their idea for a new dating website?

  14. Anonymous

    Boy Sam was on my hall last year. The only thing I ever saw him do was flash a good-natured smile and ride the elevator.

  15. Anonymous  

    Cute. This column should include photos.

  16. Anonymous  

    Sorry... and by that I mean ones where you can see people's faces.

  17. SO CUTE  

    This is adorable. Ps. props to Sylvie :)

  18. friend  

    both sams are awesome and they are the cutest couple evarrrrr

  19. Jon Douglas  

    Sam, you are a softy!!

  20. aww  

    the first bit is hilarious.
    props, sylvie!

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