Senior Wisdom: Ajit Pillai

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The Austin Quigley Black Box Theater was once temporarily renamed the Ajit C. Pillai Memorial Theater. Next, hear from the Swedish Lerner tech wizard, who hopes to match his father’s record of visiting all six inhabitable continents.

Name, School: Ajit C. Pillai, SEAS ’11.

Claim to Fame: Produced the 116th Annual Varsity Show, active in Columbia Theater, Senior Staff Photographer on Spec, wrote the shortest Spec Senior Column ever, and I built a jet engine this year.

Where are you going? Next year I’ll be doing a masters at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Three Things you learned at Columbia:

A passport photocopy is always a valid form of ID.

Roofs provide the best views of New York City.

“Life’s a bitch, you know? The second law of thermodynamics proves it.” -Pejman Akbari (Turbomachinery Professor).

“Back in my day…” You could access the remains of the cyclotron in the basement of Pupin. I remember getting locked in with some friends on a tunelling adventure. We had to use a credit card to pick a lock to escape.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I have my own twitter trend: #makeajittweet. (Thanks Sarah Dooley).

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories? I was once written up for eating a cookie in Hartley my sophomore year. My junior year we were cooking steaks [weekly steak night] in Watt when we set off a fire-alarm. My friends ended up having a hearing about their behavior. I believe the hearing recommended that they take a cooking class to avoid this in the future.

I think the war rages on, but it has definitely subsided. I don’t think I’ve been to a single EC party this year that has been shut down, as compared to freshman year when everything was shut down always. They even let us have a real 40’s on 40 this year

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Yes.

Advice for the class of 2015:

Love every moment that you’re here.

Make friends who are upperclassmen fast (they throw out a lot of good stuff when they graduate).

See the roofs. IAB is still accessible (if you try hard enough), Mudd is great, and NOCO is the highest-point on campus.

Any regrets? Never.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Cool dude, glad I met you, Ajit!

  2. I don't understand

    how theater will happen at Columbia without you Ajit

  3. Wat  

    Please explain how you got written up for eating a cookie.

  4. Anonymous

    Someone should calculate what percentage of the Senior Wisdoms were theatre kids this year...


    ITS ME

  6. Best of luck

    to you Ajit. I shared a total of maybe an hour with you, but it was nice. Enjoy Scotland.

  7. mallu kutty

    woo MALLUS!

  8. Waxima Perez

    I love you Ajit but I don't understand your answer to the question regarding oral sex and cheese.


  9. Anonymous

    U are everything I hate about Columbia, loser nerd w/ no personality

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