We’ve had our laughs at those overeager types who bothered turning in their applications way back in November, but now the Admission’s Department has tapped a whole new deluge of high school seniors to join the class of 2016. This is the point that marks the transcendence of current freshman from the set of innocent younglings into the jaded masses of upperclassmen. In a moment of annual unity, the entire midterm-weary campus can welcome (or silently sneer at) prefrosh with the evidenced assertion that—unlike at peer institutions—”getting in” is most certainly not the hardest part.

Freshpeople housing applications are up now, and due May 1st. Bwog thought it’d be nice capture a little bit of the insanity over on the 2016 Facebook group, and discuss freshman housing options.

Our previous reviews:

  • Carman—A new city and a new school means that you need new friends. Carman is supposedly the hot spot for LitHummers, even if you have to wade through your floormate’s dinner to get to the elevator.
  • John Jay—There’s nothing like adjusting to a new academic environment like repairing to a peaceful, ruminatory castle when things get overwhelming. Floors can bond like glue, or you can end up next to the girl who practices violin at all the wrong times.
  • Hartley/Wallach—Housing that comes with built in upperclassmen “friends.” Possibly the driest dorms on campus.
  • Furnald—The Ravenclaw of housing, Furnald is supposedly quite and studious. Decidedly the best quality of housing available for freshmen.

These things tend to be fairly factionalized, so share your experience below. If freshman housing is “so three years ago” for you, then feel free to whine about the depressed job market. That’s cool too.

future peers via Babies Babies Babies