So we beat on, boats against the current

Today is the last day of Tuesday/Thursday classes, so make sure to cherish these precious last moments with your professors. Bwog is sure that they are saying all sorts of crazy/touching/hilarious/inspiring things to try to bring their courses to a close and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of their students. Don’t forget to send in your closing remarks to

Here are a select few closing remarks that tipsters have already been graced with:

Professor Frye, Intro to Comparative Politics: “Term limits make it harder for politicians to be accountable. For example, it’s his second term, what does Obama Care *pauses for dramatic effect*”

Macalester Bell: “Everything I know about Columbia students I know from the Bwog”

Stephen Scott, Language & Politics: “I’m searching for an example to come up with, since I don’t speak ‘super-standard nerd’ language myself.”

Kathleen Taylor, Science of Psych: “Frontiers of science has a final? I thought you just stared at people talking and had your mind expanded!” *significant portion of class starts clapping*

A boat on the river of time via Wikimedia