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Hillel Night at the Lions



Today is the 2nd annual Hillel Night at the Lions, that magical event where Columbia/Barnard Hillel join up with the Columbia University Men’s Basketball team to do things. Go to the Kraft Center for food and fun before Columbia’s big game against the US Army. If you have an event that you would like covered, please feel free to email them to

The Agenda

  • 5:30 PM– Tailgate at the Kraft Center (606 W 115th Street) with food (latkes included), a charity drive, school spirit prep, surprise giveaways, and so many photo ops.
  • 7:00 PM– Game time at the Levien gymnasium

LeeLee Borzak, Vice President of Group Development at Columbia/Barnard Hillel:

We’d be LION if we said this wasn’t one of the best events of the year! Although Jews and athletes may be as rare a combination as Thanksgiving and Hannukah happening on the same day(once every 70,000+ years), join the Columbia/Barnard Hillel for a night of Columbia spirit, free giveaways, and festive Hannukah cheer.

Unlike the oil that was meant to last for one night and lasted for eight, Hillel Night at the Lions is a once-a-year opportunity. Don’t miss out!

You can check out the Facebook event here.

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  • wrong says:

    @wrong (almost)clever analogies & stereotyping should not be used at the expense of factual information… srrryyyy :/ tons of jewish athletes here at CU

    1. Neugut says:

      @Neugut All jokes involve stereotyping, and when it comes to stereotypes, Jews being poor athletes is definitely a more accurate one. Case in point: myself.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Interesting sample size Neugut

    2. Leeleelover says:

      @Leeleelover CLASSSSSSSSSSIC columbia to not just let a clear joke slide

  • a little birdie told me... says:

    @a little birdie told me... there will be mustaches for prostate cancer awareness

  • Hey look at this! says:

    @Hey look at this! Hillel and AIPAC just formed a formal partnership.

    1. Thanks says:

      @Thanks for that totally related tidbit! You must be a lot of fun at parties.

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