Beating the Buzzer with Alex Rosenberg and Maodo Lo

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Alex Rosenberg and Maodo Lo

Bwog’s athletic connoisseur Max Rettig met with Columbia b-ball stars Alex Rosenberg and Maodo Lo for a little discussion about life on the court, and life on the team.

Bwog: Explain your sport in 10 words or less.

Alex: Eat, Sleep, Basketball

Maodo: Basketball never stops

B: What is the team culture like?

A: Everyone in the team is very close. The freshmen got integrated really well and many of us live together, so a lot of bonding opportunities and team chemistry.

M: The team does a really great job of recruiting guys with good character. We motivate each other. It’s all about the team.

B: How is life like your sport?

A: Ball is life.

M: It’s my main passion.

B: Describe your greatest sports achievement and your biggest gaffe. 

A: My greatest achievement would be my gold medal in Israel in the Maccabi Games. Most embarrassing would be in high school when I got blocked on two dunks in a row; first by the rim, then by a defender.

M: My best achievement is just being able to play for Columbia, coming from Germany. My worst? That time I scored a double-double…double-digit points and double-digit turnovers.

Both: As a team, our win at Princeton was really a huge moment for the program. The first in 20 years, and by a buzzer-beater. The team has made huge strides since that game.

B: What drives your performances each game?

A: A lot of it is being counted on and being capable of success. We all count on each other to take good opportunities.

M: It’s really just a combination of the trust we have in each other and the confidence our coaches and teammates instill in us.

B: What pumps you up? Any songs, pre-game rituals, superstitions?

A: I love listening to Roots to get me in the zone.

M: A lot of it is rest, warming up, eating our pre-game meal with the team. We also have a fun half-court shot during warm-up.

B: You each come from very different places. What are your different perspectives?

A: I really like being near home because my family supports me at every game. The city is a cool change of scenery though.

M: I enjoy really focusing on my own life and what I have to do.

B: Make a sexual innuendo out of basketball

Both: It’s all about the 1-on-1 action.

B: Who are your sports role models?

A: My dad, grandfather and LeBron James. It’s all about the way you carry yourself and how hard you work. Never be satisfied.

M: Muhammad Ali, definitely. He has great charisma.

B: What’s it like being an athlete at an Ivy League school?

A: There’s a huge balance between relaxing and getting work done, so I just have to study whenever I can and make sure my work gets finished.

M: It’s a lot of discipline; whereas others have some leisure time, our schedules are so demanding that we just need to get down to work. Discipline is huge.

B: Finally, can you comment on the school spirit?

Both: We just really appreciate the support we get at games, every time. It’s us and Harvard that have the best home attendance in the Ivy League, and the crowd is a huge factor in our home record (12-2, best in Ivy League). We really appreciate the love and support; it’s a lot more fun to play with a full crowd. We think the culture is changing a little bit, so that’s definitely a good thing.

Alex Rosenberg and Maodo Lo via USAToday

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  1. CC '14  

    Awesome! This is my first year going to Columbia basketball games but now I can't get enough.

  2. Anonymous

    these guys and the whole basketball team seem really cool

  3. CC'11

    I love going to home games. These guys are great!

  4. Anonymous

    yeahh men's bball! Come out to their final home games, tomorrow at 7 vs. Penn and Saturday at 7 vs Princeton!

  5. Anonymous  

    Alex Rosenburg is the jewish Carmelo Anthony. Dude has the whole team on his back.

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