I agree.

When we listlessly sit in lecture, we tend to do various things — sleep, doodle, viciously glare at others, noisily eat some concoction inevitably involving peanut butter, and write some shit in our notes. As we look at our notes for the first time during Reading Week, let’s commemorate our recorded moments of triumph, despair, surprise, and resignation.

  • “Yikes!!!!!!”
  • “We’ve got a looooong way to go”
  • “Devil looks like Dobby”
  • “I hate queer theory” x 3
  • “Performativity”
  • “Why is Oedipus complex in nearly every book?”
  • “A glimpse of evening sunlight signifies not freedom, but death”
  • “I Hate This Class”
  • “I! Need! To! Pee!”
  • “‘Meow’ – our defense mechanism”
  • “M gives student what serpent said to Adam + Eve, student doesn’t understand M shitting on subjects”
  • “Lecture Scares The Poor Prospie”
  • “Woolf’s lighthouse = phallic symbol”
  • “Bwog pitch: how to distract yourself in class when you need to pee”
  • “Regan = incestuous :0”
  • “WOW!”

Notes via Betsy Ladyzhets