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Bwog Helps You Get A Job At Target Edition

a stock photo of a meme but make it a meme

Happening in the World: A dam rupture in Brumadinho, Brazil left 84 dead and 276 missing earlier this week. Three Vale employees and two engineers were arrested on Tuesday for the collapse of the dam, which had been weighed down by waste and mud. The people arrested were involved with the initial construction and/or recent inspection of the dam (NY Times).

Happening in the US: The northern Plains and Great Lakes region, along with some cities in the Midwest, will experience extreme cold through Thursday, with wind chills as cold as minus 60 degrees (US News). Residents are advised to avoid going outside for extended periods of time, as frostbite becomes possible after only 5 minutes of exposure.

Happening in NYC: Target is opening a new store in Kips Bay and looking to hire around 80 employees. This will be a small-format store built to accommodate residents of large cities (NBC New York).

Happening on Campus: CU Sign is having an ASL beginner class tonight from 7-8pm on the second floor of Diana. All are welcome to come and learn the basics of sign language.

Overheard: “Send it to a meme account and move on.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Sorry, your professulas teach you all that propaganda about participative management, peak oil and global warming, so you are not employable. Unless you print your resume on your professula’s scalp.

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